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Fey Wild

Written by RiverFang

Magical music floats from the doorway of an open tavern amidst the foggy purple and pinks lights that scatter in the darkness. As one steps inside for the first time, an aura of magic surrounds you and floods your senses, dragging your into an intoxicating wonderland of fey magic and alcohol. Before you can think, a fey child of some kind, Fairy, Elf, Eladrin, it’s unknown, fills your hand with a crystalline glass of an electric pink liquid. It burns your throat as you sip it, but the warm sensation that spreads through your belly lulls you into a magically induced sleep. What comes next is wonderfully wild, an assault on the senses, but it is an experience unlike any else.   Music and magic of the fey wraps you in a cacoon as you sip the pink liquid. Fairies and Elves mill about, half entranced by the drinks in their glasses, but not nearly as much it seems as you are. Your body has been invaded by the magic of these creatures, but the sensations it makes are pleasant, keeping you enthralled as your glass becomes ever emptier. As the dancing lights shift and change, your body feels weightless as you move, drawn to the pleasure you feel, drawn to the deep emotions. The whole thing is ethereal, almost like the Feywild, but with some measure of safety.   The Fey Wild tavern has a reputation all its own, one of magic and illusion, of tricks and emotions, the things the fey are known for. On the edge of the Fairy King's Wood, it is mere missteps away from the wonderland of the real Feywild, but the atmosphere created within the tavern so perfectly replicates what so many stumble into when they leave the marked path.

Purpose / Function

The Fey Wild is a tavern on the edge of the Fairy King's Wood that aims to give the sensations of entering the Feywild through a combination of magic, illusion, music, and drink. Run by a Fairy and Eladrin duo, the Fey Wild harnesses the magic of the fey in a beautiful display that enhances and overwhelms the senses while inundating guests with stimulus. No matter the race, all will feel some effects once they enter through the door of the Fey Wild, but those of fey ancestry while have an experience that transcends all else.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

History & Attractions

It is unknown when the Fey Wild first opened as odd happenings occur on the edge of the Fairy King's Wood. The veil between the world and the Feywild is thinnest here and magic seeps through, creating phenomena with no explanation.   The tavern, in its life, has boasted many specialties, to include Bards of world-renown that also used fey magic in their performances, fantastic light shows that would light up the forest, and a menu of spectacular drinks with varying affects. The tavern is most famous for its Fairy Dust of the Fey Kind which are mixed to create a variety of effects that heighten the experience.


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Dec 3, 2020 20:24 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This sounds like an amazing place to visit. I wish it was real!

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