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Written by RiverFang

Flowers surround soft hills in halos of colors, hiding a small village in bursts of their petals. As one moves through the waving fields of White Lazarus and many of the other flowers of the Fairy King's Wood, buildings of vines and oaks appear in the shadows of the petals, marking the location of a once lost village.   The village of Serebi, a delicate village of flowers and Witches, almost found its end during the dark days of the Wither Blight. The magic that flowed from the Feywild ceased to come, leaving nothing behind but destruction in its wake. While elsewhere in the Fairy King's Wood, Witches, Fairies, and others poured their magic into the trees to keep them alive, the Witches of the Flowered Hill Coven spent their energies saving the precious White Lazarus that had been the destruction and the savior of the Witches in the past.   As the forest around them slowly withered, so did the Witches that attempted to save their flowers. The magic of the Hills of Lazarus slowly dissipated, bringing nothing but sadness and sorrow as the precious flowers died with the forest. The Witches of the Flowered Hill Coven left their post, their charge disappearing with the flowers themselves.   Years later when the magic from the Feywild began flowing through the woods again, a single White Lazarus bloomed again, bringing forth a renewed faith in those that had remained in the desolate village. From only a handful remaining, Serebi and the coven grew, eventually becoming greater than they had in the days before the Wither Blight.


The village of Serebi, while small on the outside, is one of the larger villages of Witch covens that can be found in the Fairy King's Wood. At its highest point, the village was home to about sixty women, but over time, the population has spread out and houses have appeared elsewhere in the Hills of Lazarus.   The current Coven Leader of the Flowered Hill Coven is a Fairy woman, one who has served only a few decades in her position. The Flowered Hill Coven is one of the least diverse Witch covens as it mainly consists of Fairies and Elves.

Industry & Trade

Many of the Witch covens in the Fairy King's Wood use trade as a means of survival financially. The forest often gives the Witches the materials that they need to make somewhat fantastical objects that others inside the wood and elsewhere throughout Isekai covet. These magical goods are often in high demand, so trade is an important part of the covens’ lives.   The Flowered Hill Coven of Serebi is known for their exports of the White Lazarus flower and the Potion of True Life that is created from the flower. During the events of the Eldritch War, this potion became extremely important in the rush to save many lives and has since become one of the most common exports from the Fairy King's Wood.


The village of Serebi and its inhabitants are known mostly for their work with the White Lazarus and their discovery of the Flower Distilling technique. The White Lazarus, while a potent poison, can also be turned into one of the most powerful healing potions in all of Isekai.
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99,985 I.M.
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3 Aug, 2020 13:30

This sounds like such a beautiful place. It must have been so heartbreaking to watch it almost wither away. :(

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