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Pleasant Valley

Pleasure Through Magic

The sound of coins bouncing across tables echoes throughout buildings lining the streets of a sleepy coastal town. Dice roll and cards are played, liquor and spirits flowing through fountains like raging rivers of rainbows. Once inside any of the inns and taverns, the quiet village is nearly enchanted, people emptying their coin purses for silly games or calculating women. Here, the nightlife never ends, the gambling and pleasure never-ending.   Tucked along the coast between the Fairy King's Wood and the Little Greenwood, a weary traveler may find the quaint village of Pleasant Valley. Those who enter here will find pleasures of all types, drinks, and fine foods appearing as if by magic. There is no cost to stay in any of the inns or taverns, but your coin purse will be much lighter by the time you wish to continue on.   Be wary of this quiet town for those who enter rarely leave. Here the veil between the Wandering Forest and the forests of Vóreios is thin, leaving the fey to play tricks and draw people in. Drinks flow through decorative fountains, money can be won and lost, a lover can be found amongst the wandering. With veins heavy with the heady feeling of alcohol and pleasure, why would one ever wish to leave?

Industry & Trade

Few residents call Pleasant Valley home that are not fey, but those that do live in the village yearly have found ways to earn a living by adding to the magic of the area. Many residents specialize in the creation of wines, ales, and other liquors that flow freely from fountains within the various inns and taverns. Others are chefs, creating divine dishes that visitors partake in. The magic of the place causes people to lose track of time and get lost in the enchantment of the place, but the residents take good care of them and make quite a bit of money doing so.


No one ever knows the history of places such as these as the magic of the Wandering Forest brings forth all manner of oddities that should not exist in this realm. Sometimes they appear after a summer storm, fully formed as the rain scatters on the earth, while other times they appear from disasters, places of safety in raging tempests.   It is unknown how or when Pleasant Valley appeared, but it wasn't long before travelers filled the taverns and inns and some dedicated folks made the village their home. Since then, the village has grown and so too has the magic, trapping more people in its veil of pleasure depending on the time of year. Even the events of the Eldritch War did little to quell the surge of visitors that came as the days stretched longer and warmed.


The buildings in Pleasant Valley are often described as whimsical, mixing the hearty and stout buildings of the Halflings with the airy and delicate architecture of the Fairies. The buildings are obviously very magical as their outer facades and sizes do not match their inside capacities. One stumbling into the village would expect a small village designed specifically for Halflings, but the insides of the buildings are large enough to accommodate a great number of people the size of Clay Giants.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Pleasure Village
Cannot be determined due to movement between the village and the Wandering Forest
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Pleasant Valley as it stands would not exist without tourism. Few travelers actually know about the village, but many stumble upon it and find themselves stuck there for weeks before they finally unravel the mystery of the village's enchantment. This village cannot be found on any map and its magic relies on those that accidentally cross paths with the odd magic here. That being said, once some come to Pleasant Valley, they tend to return yearly, treating the magical hypnosis as a sort of vacation.


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16 Aug, 2021 15:48

Places like this always creep me out, even though it seems nice and pleasant enough. Being unable to leave for a period of time makes me uneasy.

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