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Adventure in Comfort

For those faint-hearted that could never pick up a sword or sleep under the frozen sky, for those whose mothers never wished for an Adventurer, for those that can’t stand the dirt and the barbarism of the great outdoors. Welcome to the Adventur-Inn, where the experience of the adventure meets the comfort of royalty.
  What had originally started as a simple prank pulled on the child of a Human lord has turned into one of the most lucrative businesses in the Human Empire. People travel from across the continent to view what some call a stroke of brilliance and what others call an affront to those that actually adventure. No matter what one thinks of the oddity known as the Adventur-Inn, one cannot help but stop and marvel at the conglomeration of entertainment that rests in the Human Empire.   Adventur-Inn is an entertainment complex or inn that specializes in providing the “real” adventuring experience with all the comforts and amenities that one may have in the richer areas of the world. Decorated through a variety of props and magic, the staff of Adventur-Inn brings a high-class adventure to those guests in a variety of means, some real and some imagined through the use of potions and magic.  

Pricing & Availablity

The Adventur-Inn is always* open for all your comfortable adventuring needs! Check below for pricing and options:  
Everything Package

The Everything Package is the most comprehensive adventuring experience on the market. For five days, and four nights, guests will receive a suite with all the modern amenities, including large, plush mattresses, multiple-course meals of curated “rations”, illusion experiences that replicate the look and feel of traveling through the outdoors, as well as 5 specially curated encounters, including 1 village encounter.   Guests will receive a replica sword or bow of their choice as part of the encounters and may receive some reproduction magic items that can only be found in the deep forests of the Elves**!
Quick Adventure Package

Great for those who want an experience without the time commitment!   The Quick Adventure Package is by far the most popular and economic for those just starting out in the “adventuring life.” For three days, and two nights, guests will receive a standard room with all the modern amenities, including plush mattresses, 3 meals daily of curated “rations”, illusion experiences that replicate the look and feel of traveling through the outdoors, as well as 3 curated encounters, including 1 village encounter.   Guests will be able to choose from a variety of replica weapons for their encounters. Those that successfully complete the encounters will receive a complimentary cloak emblazoned with the crest of the Adventur-Inn.
Realistic Package

For the “real” adventurer!   The Realistic Package is for those who want the real adventuring experience without the dangers and hassle that come from traveling through the outdoors. For two days, one night, guests will receive a room fit for an Adventurer, including a straw or hard bed, random meals of standard rations, rooms open to the elements, as well as 2 curated, more difficult encounters.   Guests that successfully complete this package will be allowed to choose from a variety of rewards based on their completion.
  *Adventur-Inn cannot guarantee being open on any given day due to the nature of the services provided. The inn reserves the right to close with no notice, but stays affected will be rescheduled if possible. **Magic items are replicas of actual items created by the Elves. These items may only have low-level spells on them, but most of them are not actually magical.
Founding Date
267 EA
Parent Location


5 star rations! Camping in a rainstorm without the wet and muck! Real-life Orcs! The missus and I will definitely be returning for our next “adventure.”
  The establishment boasts a robust experience that includes beautifully crafted rations created by a renowned chef, and staged encounters with Orcs*, Goblins**, and other creatures of the outdoors. The rooms include all the amenities of modern times with the look and feel of camping beneath the stars through a variety of weather***.   * No Orcs are harmed in the staging of the encounters. Adventur-Inn only utilizes experienced Half-Orc Adventurers in their encounters. **No Goblins are actually used due to the liability issues surrounding guests’ belongings. All “Goblins” are actually disguised Halflings. ***Rooms are transformed with a variety of illusion magics to look and feel like the outdoors. All rooms are fully enclosed and feature large, plush mattresses, heated floors, and other 5-star amenities.


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Dec 2, 2020 09:36

Somehow, the idea of LARPing in the fantasy world seems quite funny and yet wholesome to me. Maybe because I imagine the adventurer taking his children there to let them experience some of the fun they had in their life with no dangers attached.

Dec 2, 2020 21:23 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is the most amazing thing. I would totally take part in real life!   I love the explanation for the orcs and goblins encountered in the adventures. XD Reminds me of workers of haunted houses.

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