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Classroom of the Starlit Tower

A stone door, covered with lichen, opens slowly, revealing the steaming interior of a greenhouse. Various flora covers the room, muffling the sounds of the birds and insects that also call this room home. One of many such rooms hidden in the Starlit Tower, this room is dedicated to the study of herbology and its uses. Each of these many rooms holds the secrets of some of the great flora and fauna of the various locations of Vóreios, while the rooms relating to Nótios are still under construction.   The far-reaching Starlit Tower has hundreds of rooms, many dedicated to the various magics that Headmaster Alexander Cross has deemed appropriate for Mages to learn. Even one trained as a spellcaster understands the importance of various plants, in potions, as poisons, as components for spells. When magic does not have the answer, when exhaustion has set in and there are no spells left to cast, the study of herbology and plants is what can save an adventurer.   While the Starlit Tower is not open to everyone, the Herbology class has become extremely popular with casters and non-casters alike. Students of the Academy have written short handbooks on the subject, allowing those unable to attend to learn a snippet of the information taught. The handbooks were the idea of students, but they quickly became a requirement of study, one that many agree with and participate in eagerly.
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9 Nov, 2020 17:42

The room sounds amazing. I'd love to just go sit in there and be surrounded by nature for a while. I really like that handbooks have been written for those who can't actually attend the lessons. That's very benevolent.

Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
11 Nov, 2020 11:30

I now want to visit this room. :) It sounds so amazing to walk around in and watch all the plants, birds and insects. And perhaps learn more about herbology.

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