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Intent & Willpower

Classroom of the Starlit Tower

Written by RiverFang

All those who enter the halls of the Starlit Tower and wish to be students of the Academy will eventually find their way here. Magic is nothing without what is taught in this room, but things such as intent and willpower are difficult to teach. These are ideas ingrained in a person, part of their soul that can only be strengthened through training and trial and error. It is in this room where students truly become spellcasters, masters of their own minds and the magic they wield.   The classroom of Intent and Willpower is one of the very few rooms that actually looks like a simple classroom. Desks and bookshelves spread across the room while quills and parchment scatter at the beck and call of those who enter. Another class that is less about practicing spells and casting magic, this one is simply about reflection and understanding. One must understand their own morals and beliefs before they can harness the arcane or the divine. Certain types of magic require certain motives, a love of music, willpower beyond all else, a call to nature, and so many other things.   Here in this room, students must know themselves before they can know magic. They must know their deepest intents, their hearts, their morals. Magic is deeply affected by one's intent and without a strong and unwavering sense of willpower, even the most simple of spells will fizzle as soon as its name falls from one's lips. Without intent and the willpower behind it, it is nye impossible to become a caster, even if one is destined or blessed to do so.
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