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Shrine of the Eastern Outlands

Place of Divine Teaching

Hidden amongst trees or tucked deep within the grass, one can find small marble buildings that hold interesting parts of the world's history. Within these small buildings, one can find history and belief, even far away from any civilization or anyone that is considered one of faith. In these places, long before the Silence of the Gods drove them from amongst the mortals, the divine touched these places, blessing them to be places of teaching, of healing, of devoted dedication to whichever deity one chose. Tucked amongst the silence, one could be close to those they worshipped and see and learn things that were only granted as blessings by the Pantheons of Isekai.   The Outlands are no different, even when the trees are dense or the the forest wanes to the edges of the plains. On the eastern edge, close to where the Gweyr separates the Elven Forest from the Great Plains, a small marble building stands, a testament to time and the hardship of the Eldritch War. A shining domed roof stands above the waning groups of trees, marking this place as one of divine teaching and feeling. Here, the Elves of the Outlands and the travelers that pass this way can find a blessing or safety, the touch of a god or knowledge they never asked for. When entering this place, it is key to know what your heart really wants, or you may leave with something else entirely.

Purpose / Function

The Shrine of the Eastern Outlands is one of many small shrines that decorate the various landscapes of Isekai. Built by those that had unwavering dedication to the Pantheons of Isekai even after the Silence of the Gods, these shrines are meant to be locations of teaching and faith, of history and answers. What one learns in these places is based upon which deity they follow and how dedicated they are in their beliefs. One can learn exactly what they wish to here or they may learn something they never wanted to. It depends on the state of their heart when they enter such a place.   Some of these shrines mark locations where the Eldritch beings that caused the Eldritch War were sealed as their purpose of divine locations gives these shrines an innate power that comes from the gods themselves. It is unknown which shrines are these prisons, but the visions one is given by their gods in these places can show the true history of the location or the history that the god has chosen to write.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Emerald Shrine
Parent Location
Owning Organization


The Shrine of the Eastern Outlands is simple in its architecture, being little more than an enclosed gazebo with a domed roof. This building is made from white marble, a stark contrast to the vibrant greens and yellows of the surrounding landscapes. The inside architecture is unknown as it appears differently depending on those who enter and which gods they put their belief in.


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9 Nov, 2021 11:01

It sounds like the shrine would be a lovely quiet place to sit and rest for a while. I love the history behind the shrines as a whole.

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