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Gilded Moon

Harvest Moon in the Fairy King's Wood

Sunset falls on a warm autumn day, the crisp air holding excitement as the orange orb of the moon rises above the horizon, alighting the forest in the colors of a blaze. Shadows of oranges, reds, and yellows grow long, stretching across the leaf-covered ground, grasping for the ankles of those that do not touch the ground. The same hues color translucent wings, marking the start of the gilded moon.   Only the Fairy King's Wood is graced by the harvest moon in this way. Shadows are cast, lights stretch and color new things. The light of the orange moon gilds the great tree as it alights, turning the shimmering leaves into gold. The forest burns with its new colors, deeper hues that the fall chill can never bring. It is the magic of the Fairy King's Wood, magic that burns through the air and graces all that it touches.   Once the sun has set for the day, celebrations begin. Dancing, music, magic, all of it surrounds the great tree as the Fairies celebrate in a way that only fey and magic can bring. Their wings dance in the light, telling stories of old, ancient histories lost except for in the languages of the Ancient Fey. With the magic of the night, these ancient words come to life, meant for the ears of the Fairies and the ears of the trees.   No one knows exactly what this celebration is. The magic of the moon and of that night only seems to affect Fairies, or at least only the ones in the Fairy King's Wood. It's a surge of magic that changes them, whether for better or worse is unknown to outsiders. The Harvest Moon in Fall's Evening marks a change in the forest, but only the Fairies will ever know its significance.


The history of this celebration is largely unknown due to the fact that it seems magical in nature and it only affects those within the forest. Even so, it is questioned whether it is a magical effect that can only be had by Fairies.
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Culture of the Fairies

Fairies as a whole are beings that enjoy the the excitement and the relaxation that often come with festivals and celebrations. This personality is one that comes from that of the Ancient Fey, but was not yet fully realized until the ascension of Festival Snix to the throne. Since that day, every day within the borders of the Fairy King's Wood has become a day of celebration, with festivals occurring constantly in the capital.


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