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Above the clouds lies a floating continent that has gathered some of the greatest thinkers of the land in several cities each speciaizing in a broad knowledge base. The city of Justica is known for it machinery and clockwork bellowing smoke at all hours of the day, here arcane engineers are crafting new wonders and maegitech almost every day.


45% Human
25% Gnone
20% Dwarf
10% Other


Justica is part of the Sylpheed Technocracy and three of the greatest arcanist that are elected to spend time in the county's capitol to assist in the governance of the country. As this often requires the Arcanist to leave their important work to deal with much of what they consider beneath them, the honor of going to the capitol is regularly elected by by games of chance the arcanists play to choose whom to send. The loser of these games of chance is given unoffical title of the Short Straw and sent for a period of three months before they are allowed to return to their research.   Beyond Justica's part in the countries wider governance the city is more a meritocracy with the greated engineers, clockwork tinkers, and smiths all vying to show their skills and become recognized by the city's leaders. Those acknolwedge by the leaders are given a stipend and a workplace where they are allowed a chance to prove themselves with greater wealth and resources given to those who's ideas improve upon existing technoloy or create a new and useful advancement.


Like all who live upon Sylpheed the settlement is far above the clouds making outside invasion highly unlikely. While the Sylpheed Technocracy boasts a large number of wizards, alchemists, and other such arcanists the city of Justica has fewer workers of arcana then any other settlement upon the floating continant. Instead the city boasts the most advances steam engines, golems, constructs of war, and tools that can also become deadly weapons.


Justica supplies much of Sylpheed with its carts, cannons, and other such engineering marvels as well as the majority of airships

Guilds and Factions

The various factions all fall under one of the control of three sages who govern the city. The Clockwork guild is run by Aeron Cometfall a cambion also runs the thieves guild that hides within the Clockwork guild. Vool Wenchkeeper the dwarf runs the Engineers guild like a well oiled machine working on Maegitech and more natural machines. After gaining enough resources to build a fleet of airships Wenchkeeper has used the diverted excess funds into developing to weapons for war, creating new leaps in weapon technology but hiding the advances of airships keeping the cost to build airships over inflated. The last faction is the Smithing Guild now run by Davver Isoxis. Originally considered the weakest of factions after the last sage retired from their running of the guild Davver was elected and took control of the various ores and metals that came in and out of the guild. After being underpaid for his work Davver sent the other guilds metals unfit for anything, when the other guild took umbrage at the low quality materials Davver simply offered better metals at higher prices. Now with the proper resources the Smithing guild has arisen to become a force to be reckoned with.


Having only been alloted three acres as the city has grown and expanded much of the settlement has begun to layer upon itself as building without smokestacks such as residences have become duplex and even quadplexs in some of the poorer districts of Justica. While the original buildings were crafted to allow a resonable space between residences and industrial areas with the demand of more industrial buildings now only the newest and most expensive buildings are enough of a distance away that the ash that coats most of the city barely touches these high end residences.

Alternative Name(s)
Coghome, Smoke town, Ash City
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under

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