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Designed to fly above the clouds these vessels were originally boats enchanted to float about the ground. Since their rise in popularity several ships have been crafted specifically as Airships. The most stylish method to travel in many courts is by airship, the nobility of several kingdoms and city states having purchased these ships to display their wealth and lord over the very skies in their airships. A number of merchants have seen this and used these airships for their pirate free transport of people and trade goods. Many airships are now making a fortune selling their services to nobility, merchants, and those with the gold.   The standard second generation airship looks similar to an oceangoing ship, but in place of oars there are smaller sails that look and act like fins. A outsider is bound into a orb at the center of the ship, more often than not an elder wind elemental or powerful demon is used. An elemental can be used in smaller and slower airships but for better results a Demon is used. Demons are willing to be bound in airships on the off chance the binding sphere is damaged and the Demon is now free to act in our world.

Power Generation

Outsider (Either Demonic or Elemental) and Maegitech,


Depending on what bound outsider is used the airship will life the airship through various means such as an demon's denial of gravity or an earth elemental creating a repulsive force against the ground. From there maegitech will either amplify winds to create arcane sails or direct propulsion via the same force lifting the airship. The most common method is to bind a wind elemental to the airship via the sympathetic method making the wind elemental's flight the same as the airship.

Weapons & Armament

Most airships are equipped with pitch, ballista or catapults and a number of crew are trained fighters or specifically hired as guards.

Communication Tools & Systems

Magical enchantments allow voices to be sent across the ship at specific locations using voice stones.


A crows nest with a looking glass and a periscope with a gnomish viewing apparatus.
Flying boats, sky abominations, rich mans toy
Related Professions
100,000 gold
While there are a number of early ships enchanted to float about the clouds there are less than two dozen of the second generation airships
175 feet
45 feet
480 Tons
At top speeds a ship can fly 20 Knots or 23 mph
Complement / Crew
The ship can hold three hundred people and requires a crew of sixty
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Without any extra passengers an Airship can take on one hundred tons. Should the airship be a merchant class it can carry around one hundred and fifty tons.

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