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Maegitech is not just enchanted clockwork rather it is the combination of both magic and machine both being altered to benefit the other. The machine is made in part to perform a task and in part to support the spell while the spell enhances the machine and assists in the task. With the two together maegitech creates technology beyond the spell and machine.


In larger communities and rich estates maegitech is used frequently to ease everyday life. In metropolitan cities maegitech has been introduced into various parts of the city to improve life for all the citizens. Most maegitech is used offensively as adventurers and armies both use maegitech for arms and military force.


A maegitech wonder is the combination of a machine and magic. Most maegitech are clockwork that is run on magic and in turn refresh the magical spells constantly but advances in maegitech have branched out into a wide variety of ways. To create a perpetual watch one must craft a spell that can be cast by the turning gears. Other resources use Binding, Arcane Dust, and all kinds of component both mechanical and arcane.

Access & Availability
While the art of artifice and maegitech has spread across the world due to the expensive resources used in training and production only the richest lands can produce arcanists. For those without the resources to be able to access or obtain maegitech the funding must be underwritten by a government, such as arcane street lamps and commercial airships.
Maegitech involves a high level of complexity as the spells and clockwork must be custom made. To that end most enchantments and spells have to be tailored to the specific maegitech with little ability for advances to crossover into other areas of maegitech.
The first maegitech object was made by an arcane sage who had become tired of winding his watch. Instead he used an arcane spell built specifically around the watch's movement to perpetually keep time without the need for winding. Since then maegitech has been used to make horseless carriages, airships, and automatons.
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