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To be a proper arcanist one must be able to cast spells and have an interest in either Maegitech or using magic to manipulate the natural world.

Career Progression

Most arcanists begin their careers attending a magical college of some form though a few who show talent can skip this stage. The arcanist then apprentices to a master arcanist or works in a shop overseen by a master. After proving themselves an apprentice will become a journeyman though they may not always leave their workplace. There are also many apprentices who leave their training early believing themselves ready though few of these manage to ever make much of a difference. A journeyman will continue to work for themselves or others and may even stay in this position for the rest of their lives but occasionally an arcanist will attempt to reach the rank of master. To achieve this rank an arcanist must be judged by a jury of master and create either a unique magical item, vastly improve a known technology, or perform a deed worth elevating one to the title of master arcanist.

Payment & Reimbursement

Many arcanists who work in shops can earn around ten gold a day if not more. Journeymen arcanists can earn around hundreds of gold a day depending on what they are tasked to do. While a master arcanist is worth their weight in gold, their services costing thousands of gold or more not even taking into account the resources that you would likely have to pay for.

Other Benefits

Arcanists are wanted among many countries bringing prestige to the position. As many of the wonders that are built today come from arcanist ideas and work many believe those who dedicate themselves to becoming arcanists to be heroes who can create wonders.



Arcanists are craftsmen and explorers of magic

Social Status

Journeymen Arcanists can rise among the populace of a city to just below nobility and wealth merchants. While a master arcanist can be considered a highly placed noble in his own right if they have not already received a title.


Less than a hundredth of a percent can become an arcanist as the profession is taxing both mentally and spiritually depending on their arcane prowess.


Spawning from the great arcane sages who created wonders that inspired new generations to explore the universe with magic. With the introduction of Maegitec and exponential growth the profession grew almost out of nowhere. Thanks to the sages passing their knowledge and new arcanists pushing the limits the world has seen a large amount of people becoming arcanists in a short time.



All arcanists fall into three categories of spellcaster: natural talents, faith based, and trained skills. Depending on the category the tool sets vary save for common tools that cross over. These universal tools include engraving chisels, arcane dust, and something to write with. Beyond that the tools depend on the task and the arcanist with some using alchemical resources while others rely on their icons of faith and holy water.


For more powerful maegitech arcane dust is almost always require though there are other ways to fuel these inventions. Most arcanists will work with metals, woods, and leathers to create the arms and armor for their respective nation but with the varied profession and no one correct way to do anything with magic there are plenty of materials that can be used.


Many maegitech shops will look like a cross between an alchemist and a blacksmith. With individuals arcanists presiding over their shops you might mistake their individual laboratories as tanneries or artistic studios depending on the arcanist and their preference.

Provided Services

Arcanists can create maegitech though they can also perform other spellcasting services such as enchanting or empowering objects there are other professions that do a more specialized job.

Dangers & Hazards

Arcanists are prone to wild magic fluxes with the amount of raw arcane magic their wield. Many an arcanist will also use volatile materials that could burn, freeze, or even curse the individual.

Alternative Names
Maegitechnicians, Wonder Craftsmen, Magic Eningeers
While there is a large social demand for arcanists the can only be supported by large communities, with large towns possibly supporting a single arcanist, cities able to support a shop with a few arcanists, and the most found in a metropolis
Arcanists are allowed in most locations save those that forbid the use of arcane magics. There are a few countries that manage who can become an arcanist and many will charge for licenses to practice or regulate where one can practice but few will deny an arcanist a place to work.
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