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Basic Information


Asexual: Dwarves are created magically from a specific ritual to create a Dwarf

Genetics and Reproduction

Dwarves are not born but made. There is no Dwarven gender as dwarves themselves reproduce through magic. The rumors of a Dwarven female have been exaggerated as all Dwarves are gender neutral.   Passed down since their creation the ritual to create a dwarf is taught to all dwarves after they reach their hundredth year but used sparingly, usually after a Dwarf dies or there is a need for more of their number.   To create a dwarf one must perform the ritual that turns the stone to flesh creating a fully grown Dwarf. Then the newly made Dwarf learns at an accelerated rate and achieves full maturity within a year.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dwarves are omnivorous that require three thousand calories a day on average.

Biological Cycle

Unless their lives are cut short a Dwarf can live up to three hundred years before the magic of the ritual expired and they return to stone. Often an older dwarf will show signs of this with parts of their body petrifying.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dwarves are mostly independent save for the structures made to organize work with older more experiences Dwarves overseeing younger apprentices. When a Dwarf has learned all he can from his Teacher he will often finish his training with a celebration with the Dwarf considered equal though the younger will often defer to the elder till he is unable to keep his quality consistant.

Facial characteristics

All Dwarves have the ability to grow significant bodyhair but the beard is considered a mark of age and prestige with many Dwarves letting their beards grow without ever being shorn save for small grooming.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

While the original Dwarves were said to have the ability to see in complete darkness most Dwarves now are only able to perceive low lights. There is a subrace of Deep Dwarves who still retain the ability but they are small in number and keep to themselves.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Dwarves originally were named for their Reason though this practice has transformed instead to the Dwarves Surname. Otherwise the Dwarf will take a name for himself after he has reached his maturity after a year.

Major Organizations

The Mountain Kingdom of Golen is the center and birthplace of most Dwarves

Gender Ideals

Dwarves do not have a gender rather they refer to themselves as he or him mostly due to the other races using those pronouns. Dwarves appreciate a good beard.

Average Technological Level

Dwarven technology has only been able to improve upon existing technologies and rarely created anything new. Instead it has adopted and altered existing technologies and expanded upon them. The most significant creation that was discovered by the Dwarves was the clockwork elevator and movable type.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Dwarves speak Stone Tongue but often will learn other languages.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Dwarves all have been created with a Reason in mind be it a job or quest. Each Dwarf will have been raised to this task spend most of their life to fulfill their Reason though in this age their Reason has become broader allowing Dwarves more freedom.   A Dwarf will train, study, and experiment to best accomplish the Reason set before them but their Reason does not consume their life as long as it is broad enough.   A Dwarves reason is a part of the world and thus so too must the Dwarf

Common Taboos

Very few Dwarves have abandoned their reason, this is the greatest taboo beyond teaching a non-dwarf the ritual to create a dwarf. A dwarf who is called Orobokuru or fallen dwarf


Before humanity the Fey sought to create a servile race. Rather than train a creature the Fey crafted the first Dwarf from stone and brought it to life with their magic. The first Dwarf was commanded to dig a mine and continued to do so until it died a few days later of exhaustion.   After much trial and error the Fey managed to imbue enough intelligence and freedom to have the Dwarves act independent enough to be given a task and it would do so too it's limit before rest and recovery. All a Fey had to do was have some Dwarves made to gather food and the Dwarves would work blindly without anything else. One enterprising Fey Lord even crafted a Dwarf to make more Dwarves if a project needed more.   As years went by the Fey required more elaborate requests requiring the Dwarves be built with greater intelligence and imagination. It was through the Fey's hatred of work that eventually led the Dwarves into sentience but it was the Fey leaving that created their society.   When the first human approached the Dwarves the man asked to speak to their leader. Having none the man made an offhand comment that they needed one and so the Dwarves asked that they wait a day. When the man returned the Dwarves had created their King.

Average Height
3' to 4'10"
Average Weight
150lbs to 225lbs
Average Physique
Dwarves tends to gain weight and keep it on. Their build is a little wider than an other races, with a thick ribcage, wide hips, and shorter limbs. They may have more muscle than any other race, but they often struggle to gain it without significant amounts of accompanying body fat
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dwarves have pale complexion mostly due to most of their lives spent underground. What Dwarves that do spend their time in the sun will see a darker complexion but their tough skin is slow to tan.

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