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Ritual to create a Dwarf

Art by Meanor
Dwarves are not born but rather they are created through this ritual passed down since their creation. The ritual to create a dwarf is taught to all dwarves after they reach their hundredth year but used sparingly, usually after a Dwarf dies or there is a need for the ritual to be used.


The Archfey who created the first Dwarf wanted a species that could control its numbers and serve the Fey alone. While he managed to create a ritual to make the race of expert craftsmen he failed in training them. Instead Dwarves now live side by side with the other mortal races performing the ritual when needed.


To create a dwarf one must first be carved out of stone. While no specific stone is necessary many Dwarven Sages have experiments to find depending on the type of Stone and the quality of the carving the resulting Dwarf is different traits and abilities.   Once the Dwarf has been crafted the second part of the ritual begins as the statue is placed within an enchanted circle with the participant(s) chanting the words of power to activate the runes. After the chanting is completed the circle will turn the stone to flesh creating a fully grown Dwarf.

Components and tools

Stone and tools to carve the statue from the rock are needed for the first part. The second part requires a magical circle with dwarven runes,


While the ritual can be done with one other Dwarf but as a matter of tradition anywhere between three and thirteen Dwarves are present. The ritual to make a new King is handled by a hundred Dwarves.


The rites and rituals are only performed when needed and even then the ritual is taught only to Dwarves.

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