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Devil's legacy

Cambion come from the union of the Archfey and Devils. When the Breedwar had begun the Archfey needed expendable soldiers but the Dwarves were not made to fight. Instead the Archfey went to the Devils for soldiers. The Archfey gave the Devils thousands of humans, elves, and Sidhe who were still loyal to the Archfey for experimentation. When the Archfey returned the loyal subjects had been transformed into Cambion fully grown and ready to fight.   For twenty years the Cambions lived and died for the Archfey but even soldiers will rest and relax between fights and from their interactions the female soldiers became pregnant. Uncaring the Archfey forced the pregnant Cambion's into battle and dissent swept across the army. After a show of force from the Archfey the Cambions quickly fell back into line but in reality they began planning their rebellion. Several planned retreats led many Cambions being captured and those prisoners began telling of plans and propositions. Finally at a highly contested fortress the Cambions turned on their masters and let the mortal forces take the fortress. Word had spread among the Cambion and the Dragonbreed so when Archfey went to punish the rest they found only a few members of their rebellious races who stood triumphant.  


  Cambion buildings condense with a few small windows, the main feature of most buildings seemingly to retain heat. Cities are built with curves and large gardens hiding most of the features of a building. Streets often can become complex in their management with hidden inlets or disguised buildings requiring guests have a guide.  


  Cambion have a deep love of fiction that satirizes and mocks those in power who become arrogant. There is a thriving amount of books that focus on humor with an undercurrent of cruelty where proud villains are brought low by either higher ranked and cunning manipulators or lowly commoners rising up to trick the antagonist. The only non-fiction that is popular among the Cambion are those with a focus on magic.  


  Cambion art full with double or even triple meanings with subtle and often abstract features hidden from plain sight. Portraits of powerful leaders are given small hidden elements that show their crimes be they corruption or blood. Epic fights are often portrayed wit victims hidden in the shadows or amid the flora and fauna.  


  Is often mocked in public and only practiced more in private with an individual or family. Entities that offer power or other direct advantage might be venerated in secret as the worship of the ArchFey or ArchDevils is forbidden in most civilized communities.  


  Getting a cambion to trust you is seen as a difficult trial but once one has befriended a cambion they are known to be extraordinarily loyal. The Cambion have been known to lie telling you what you want to hear leading to the phrase "sweet cambion truth" often describing a bold faced lie.  

Childbearing and upbringing

  Cambions are nepotistic along family lines as a result of the fact that almost all Cambions are raised together. This is considered normal, and the idea of being raised with only two parents and a few siblings is a little strange to them as the extended family often works together to raise children. Cambions grow up accustomed to being raised within a family and instructed and supported by these large extended families in return for their expected support of the family should they leave for any reason. Education is developed around competition within teams and competition is generally between families rather than individuals with families developing minor and major blood feuds while providing the basic education to a child.  

Leisure Activities

  Many Cambion events have various families group together for dances and drinking while the richer and more educated will have private affairs for smoking and debate. A private Cambion party can range from heated discussions and dense discourse between various subjects or it may be lighter in terms of debate allowing for the invited to argue while drinking and smoking. Some Cambion parties are more sinister in nature where outsiders are invited for the express purpose to subtly mock and jeer at for their ignorance or for their ugliness.  


While some Cambion skin can pass as humans most will have shades of red or blue ranging from all manner of shade. Physical characteristics taken from their devilish ancestors include all manner shape and size of horns as well as tails. Cambion eyes match their human counterparts in color and shape with the occasional deviation having the goat-eyed or red iris and are said to be those touched by the taint of the Abyss.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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