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Devil's legacy

Cambion come from the union of the Archfey and Devils. When the Breedwar had begun the Archfey needed expendable soldiers but the Dwarves were not made to fight. Instead the Archfey went to the Devils for soldiers. The Archfey gave the Devils thousands of humans, elves, and Sidhe who were still loyal to the Archfey for experimentation. When the Archfey returned the loyal subjects had been transformed into Cambion fully grown and ready to fight.   For twenty years the Cambions lived and died for the Archfey but even soldiers will rest and relax between fights and from their interactions the female soldiers became pregnant. Uncaring the Archfey forced the pregnant Cambion's into battle and dissent swept across the army. After a show of force from the Archfey the Cambions quickly fell back into line but in reality they began planning their rebellion. Several planned retreats led many Cambions being captured and those prisoners began telling of plans and propositions. Finally at a highly contested fortress the Cambions turned on their masters and let the mortal forces take the fortress. Word had spread among the Cambion and the Dragonbreed so when Archfey went to punish the rest they found only a few members of their rebellious races who stood triumphant.   Architecture   Cambion buildings are dense with few and smaller windows focused around retaining heat.   Literature   Cambion fiction satirizes the powerful. There is a focus on comedy, but with a cruel bent focused on the downfall of the proud. Non-fiction with a focus on magic is popular.   Art   Cambion art rife with double meaning. Portraits of the powerful with small hidden elements that show their corruption or callousness or epic fights where the true victims are hidden in the shadows.   Religion   Is openly mocked and more private to the individual or family. Entities that offer power or other direct advantage might be venerated in secret. Expect to find warlocks who have learned from secrets written from whispers and collected carefully from black market sellers.   Mannerisms   Deeply mistrustful at first but extraordinarily loyal once that loyalty is earned. Cambions always start by telling you what you want to hear if they think you might be a threat, but become enraged if you disrespect them if they think they are of higher status than you.   Childbearing and upbringing   Massive orphanages as a result of high rates of death in childbirth and absent fathers. Cambions have no positive role models. Cambions are very rarely nepotistic along family lines as a result of the fact that almost all Cambions are raised together. This is considered normal, and the idea of being raised with only two parents and a few siblings is a little strange to them. Accustomed to being raised with a 'unit' of similarly aged children and instructed and supported by a wide array of specialized nurses, cooks, and tutors. Education focuses on the element of extreme competition couple with a veneer of team-spirit. Competition is generally between units rather than individuals.   Leisure Activities   Many Cambions will group together for dances while drinking. For more private affairs they smoke and debate.

Genetic Ancestor(s)

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