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Uàshya Town

Lying along a small river called Ponusa River, Uàshya Town is known for Nià̃ku Farming and wine produced with said techniques.


The town has a Guild stationed in town which takes the place of the militia. None of the adventurers mind staying year round as the food is great and the luxurious. Some consider this job as an retirement, but when the next monster raid some might not be prepared.


The most valued wine across the east coast.


Its thought that a thousand years ago before the Starfall, Uàshya Town was a trade town along the river, much bigger than today. While few records survive as the ruins surrounding the town were excavated years ago, bits and pieces of those ruined building were used to make the wall that circles the inner district of modern Uàshya. Its for this reason that the town survived the early years of monster raids, as many mercenaries were in the town at the time.

But a trade town with no trade, had no way to survive long term. It didn't matter if the monsters had been repelled if the town starved nonetheless. Mětshâ Mifâ̂hě didn't give up. She was the leader of north market and knew that some farmers had been in town, bringing in produce. Mětshâ gathered up all the farmers and had them start a farming guild to teach as many as possible Nià̃ku Farming. It was a great success, and within ten years the town wasn't just self sufficient, but had enough excess labor to produce wine.

Of course, these early grape-yards bare little resemblance to the grand fields today, but so soon after a disaster it was a great comfort. When trade got reestablished another seventy years on, the neighboring towns thought so too. The vineyards grew and grew with the demand until soon it was the majority of the towns exports!

Today, those early wines have been perfected with long practice and are considered the best of best. The highest quality bottles can only be bought by the connections, and even the lowest quality cost a pretty penny.
From the Rubefiàn words for 'first garden.'
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