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The Midlands

Primarily plains, the Midlands lie between the rivers and boast the most fertile lands in the continent. This bounty comes with danger in equal measure however, as every early spring monsters migrate east out of the Wastelands.


The Midlands are bordered by two rivers: the Lajñoj River in the east, and the Ʀepojo River in the west. For miles around the two rivers are dangerous floodplains but many attempt to farm there nonetheless. There are few forests in the Midlands until one reaches the hills up north.
The coast is sandy from all the river, and many have thought that if there were less monsters the area would be a great vacation spot. One or two adventurers over the years have attempted to clear a bit of coast for a personal villa to varying success.

Natural Resources

The Midlands have some of the best soil and weather for the growing of crops throughout the continent. Farmers grow more than enough every year, and help supply much of the continent.
  While the yearly monster raids might seem to be a risk, they bring countless adventurers and traders west each year to act as a Border Patrol. While risky, materials harvested from the monsters could make a fortune if one is lucky.

Yatràpà Continent Map
  Those truly hoping for a fortune will head further inland toward the Wastelands to explore in the late fall. Recently, trading towns have risen up along the Ʀepojo River to act as way-point for those travelers into the unknown.
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