Rubefià Empire

Rubefià Empire, located primarily on the southeastern coast of Yatràpà, is one of the oldest human countries on the continent. The country was founded 156 years after the Starfall by the The Circle of the Marked.


Founded in 32 AD, Rubefià was the first nation founded after the chaos. While its capital, Ruàmejiw, was founded a good 17 years before, it was only then that it became an official country. The exact reasoning for that delay is lost in myth and propaganda, however.
The country started as only slightly larger than city-state, but by 94 AD had control of most of the surrounding countryside, and a great deal of the coast. They kept reclaiming land, swelling their armies as they went, until by 196 AD, Rubefià had control of the peninsula and only kept growing.
However, while Rubefià had made great strides toward reclaiming the land, they weren't the only ones. Other city-states along the southern coast as well as in the Koni Mountains had formed their own coalitions. Some, like X and X, allied themselves with Rubefià.
Many, however, saw Rubefià as a threat. The country was swallowing up the continent, and while their motive had started off pure in helping stop the monster raids, no one was quite sure they would stop there. As the year 237 AD approached, things came to a head:
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