Kuźâsh Timeline

  • 2200 B.D.

    2000 B.D.

    Founding of Mâhirau̯

    While exact dates are unknown, Mâhirau̯ took its first steps around the 22nd to 20th century BD.

    Luchezu City
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  • 1600 B.D.

    1501 B.D.

    Hekkâtsimu Temple Built
    Construction beginning/end

    The temple at the center of Luchezu city, Hekkâtsimu, is built.

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  • 1400 B.D.

    1201 B.D.

    Mâhirau̯ Gains Prominence

    Mâhirau̯ had won several wars with its local neighbors, and began to experience a period of growth and prosperity in the 14th and 13th century BD. The land earned in this time would stay, but the ruler would not.

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  • 1251 B.D.

    Hekkâtsimu Rebuilt
    Construction beginning/end

    After being destroyed in the revolution, Monarch Kuguru built the temple anew.
    This version of the temple is the most famous, even today.

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  • 124 B.D. to 0 A.D.
    The Starfall
    Disaster / Destruction

    The apocalypse that destroyed the previous civilization

  • 1 A.D.

    11 /9

    Founding of the Niarshepà̃js Knights
    Civil action

    Over 100 years into the Dark Era, the first successful monster subjugation team, later named the Niarshepà̃js Knights, takes its first steps.

  • 15 A.D.

    Founding of Ruàmejiw

    Rubefià's future capital, Ruàmejiw, is founded by the Knights.

  • 32 A.D.

    National Founding

    Rubefià is officially founded.

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  • 67 A.D.

    Mâhirau̯ Reestablishes Hâehez

    After decades, the coasts of Lemikkâgi clear up enough for the oceanic trade routes to be safe. As a result, the trade town of Hâehez is rebuilt.

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  • 579 A.D.

    586 A.D.

    Rubefiàn Civil War
    Military action

    Alchemy researchers, wanting fewer restrictions from the state religion and more control over resources, start a civil war with Rubefià.

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  • 589 A.D.

    Founding of The Guild

  • 943 A.D.

    947 A.D.

    Hache Island War
    Military action

    Short war over magic resources.

    Hache Island
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    Hache Island War
  • 1022 A.D.

    Setting Off

    The adventurers leave Uàshya Town with the scholar they are protecting.

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