Founded in the year 67 AD, Hâehez was built on the remains of its predecessor port Le'uvi. Hâehez has grown prosperous over the last thousand years, and is the center of trade between the islands and the mainland.


The city primarily has gotten rich off of the trade flowing in and out. To the mainland, they export spices, tapestries, and other fabrics produced on the island. Coming back are ores from the Koni Mountains to be used by blacksmiths. Between the two, profits are high.
Furthermore, located within the city is the local Guild outpost. From there, almost all the magical regeants on the archepelago go in, and all the potions and elixirs from the continent come from there. While traders can't profit as directly from the Guild as with their other ventures, this is still a lifeline for those living in the south.
Other than trade, the main local industries are fishing and defending said fishers. Even though Hâehez has one of the more safe bays around, standard policy is to clear out the bay at least once a month, and keep at least one fighter on each ship. While the threat of monsters is a problem, some fishers see the risk of attack as a plus. If the monster's body is intact and useful for alchemy, it can be traded in to the Guild for a little extra cash. Most ship guards have a clause to give some small percentage of the earning to the ship captain, which means an attack might well be an opportunity.


A port on this stretch of land has been around for thousands of years, known as Le'uvi. However, in 118 BD the monsters born of the Starfall had finally reached the archipelago. The Mana Deficiency that had stretched over the hemisphere had already weakened the areas defences, and so the port was lost.
It was only 150 years later in 67 AD that Mâhirau̯ was able to clear the monsters out once more to settle here. The port was named 'Hâehez' after a torch, as this was the guiding light, Mâhirau̯'s torch to light the dark seas.
Naturally, though the town was named with all sorts of grand things in mind, Hâehez got big because of trade.
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