Mâhirau̯ Nation

At home in the Mau̯humel Archipelago, the Mâhirau̯ Nation is one of the largest countries inhabited almost purely of birdkin. Other birdkin nations can be found elsewhere upon the archipelago and beyond, but Mâhirau̯ remains the most well known and the richest, due to good trade in the past few centuries.


  • High quality timber
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Alchemy reagents
  • Lower quality copper and iron


Early History

While it is known that Mâhirau̯ definitely exists in some form since long before the Starfall, like most of the world, little information exists about those times. It is rumored that written records of those times are in the hands of ruling family, but no one has gotten their hands on them.
What is known on the other hand is the myths the great tree the capital is built on has been a holy ground for at least several thousand years. The sun deity, Lechai̯, is said to have blessed the forests of Lemikkâgi to be able to reach to their sun. These myths led the local birdkin to build one of the greatest surviving temples to Lechai̯ in the boughs of the tree. Many rulers over the centuries have added to the temple, for one reason or another, which is why it has maintained its position as greastest temple so well.

Since the Starfall

The Starfall affected the archipelago less than the main continent, being hundreds of miles from the center of the point of destruction. However, like many ocean civilizations in the early days, the water dwelling monsters created by the Fall caused rampant destruction to the port cities and low lying areas of the island. While better off than many of the Mau̯humel Archipelago, food shortages and monster raids forced the country focus inward for many years.
Around 67 AD, the coasts of Lemikkâgi were finally cleared enough to re-establish the port city Hâehez. From this point onward, communication with the surrounding civilizations was set back up, but not always for the best. Several wars would be waged with or for the surrounding islands, notably the Hache Island war in 943 AD.
The war would sour relations for years to come. Even today its hard to get a ship from the Tiarij coasts. People, primarily researchers or hopeful researchers for the Academia, tend to get ships from the (Pls name) City-state to the west. Trade Union ships port there, and, for a small price, will take passengers to Mâhirau̯.
Despite the wars however, Mâhirau̯ remains one of the richest nations today, exporting high quality lumber, and expensive alchemy reagents of all sorts.

Comes from ancient Ivi root words mâhir, "within" and au̯ for "clouds." The name likely comes from the country's religious origins and the viewpoint that the divine trees within the area were stretching beyond the clouds to the sun. The tree at the capital still is viewed in this light, but religion has filtered out of the government itself.
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Articles under Mâhirau̯ Nation

  • 2200 B.D.

    2000 B.D.

    Founding of Mâhirau̯

    While exact dates are unknown, Mâhirau̯ took its first steps around the 22nd to 20th century BD.

    Luchezu City
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  • 1600 B.D.

    1501 B.D.

    Hekkâtsimu Temple Built
    Construction beginning/end

    The temple at the center of Luchezu city, Hekkâtsimu, is built.

    Additional timelines
  • 1400 B.D.

    1201 B.D.

    Mâhirau̯ Gains Prominence

    Mâhirau̯ had won several wars with its local neighbors, and began to experience a period of growth and prosperity in the 14th and 13th century BD. The land earned in this time would stay, but the ruler would not.

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  • 1251 B.D.

    Hekkâtsimu Rebuilt
    Construction beginning/end

    After being destroyed in the revolution, Monarch Kuguru built the temple anew.
    This version of the temple is the most famous, even today.

    Additional timelines
  • 67 A.D.

    Mâhirau̯ Reestablishes Hâehez

    After decades, the coasts of Lemikkâgi clear up enough for the oceanic trade routes to be safe. As a result, the trade town of Hâehez is rebuilt.

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  • 943 A.D.

    947 A.D.

    Hache Island War
    Military action

    Short war over magic resources.

    Hache Island
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    Hache Island War
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