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Mâhirau̯n Homes

Homes in the archipelago are built to accommodate the winged Birdkin.    
The typical home has at least one and half floors, to two floors if possible. Most homes will have a flight tower in the back or center, likely next to the kitchen. If an area can't afford a tower individually, several homes will be grouped around one tower. The house won't have a lot of stairs, usually going for ladders instead. If there is a staircase, it usually has very wide steps with a great deal of open air above it. The stairs are usually unused in that case, and birdkin will fly up to the second floor instead.
  If a homeowner can afford it, the foundation, kitchen, and flight tower are all composed of stone. The rest of the house is constructed of fire-proofed wood. Typical building standards require fire-proofing, as a young birdkin's solar magic could easily go out of control. Neighborhoods without this protection often burn down, utterly.

Common Furniture and Rooms

  • Some kitchens contain an area for cold food! A skilled birdkin can pull the heat from one area to another, and fuels the oven with the heat! The cabinet is buried underground, and is lined with stone that traps the cold. It has to reset every couple of days, and requires some skill so not all kitchens have this!
  • Birdkin sleep mostly on hammocks, since its easy to accommodate wings.
  • Lofts and attics are the preferred location for bedrooms.
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Common Decorations
  • Mosaics, or murals
  • Stained glass windows
  • Wood carvings
Bright colors, like oranges or greens, are very common. Tile is common in middle to upper class homes, and mosaics are often integrated into the flooring.


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