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Yatràpà Continent

Yatràpà Continent is the main landmass of the Eastern Hemisphere, home to several countries and, unfortunately for everyone who lives there, home to the Starfall. While the western coasts of the continent remains dangerous, the eastern coast has grown prosperous over the last couple hundred years. To its south is the Mau̯humel Archipelago, an beautiful island chain.  

Southeastern Coast

The lower reaches of the east coast are the most populated areas on the continent. Warm and rainy, the coast is covered in forests where it isn't covered in people.  

Koni Mountains

To the north are the Koni Mountains . The Koni are central to many civilizations after the Starfall. The sharp peaks that litter this area are great defenses against the monsters that roam the south. The southern and eastern ranges are cool year round with beautiful forests, but the further north you go, the colder it gets. Heavy snow blankets the north yearly, so few have managed to travel to the north coast.  

The Midlands

In the center of the continent is the Midlands. Near the rivers and the northern edges, large forests can be found, but most of the Midlands are grasslands. While fertile, most of the Midlands are sparsely populated due to the growing risk of monster raids as you go west. After the Lajñoj River, the grasslands are increasingly dry, with the last bastion of the grasslands being the Ʀepojo River.  

The Vashes Desert

Last known area of west Yatràpà, the Vashes Desert lies along the edge of the Koni Mountains and the Wastelands. While dry and desolate, the Vashes Desert is still differentiated from the Wasteland due to the lack of magical pollution.  

The Wastelands

The unknown. Just beyond the the mountains, is the true Wastelands in all their glory. All that can truly be known about them is that the Wastelands are infested with monsters and covered in magical pollution from the Starfall. Even those who venture into its depths will find old paths changed by the magic that rules the area. Dangerous, and unexplored.


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Jul 7, 2018 20:30 by SirElghinn

Sounds like an incredibly diverse stretch of geography. Almost like a New Zealand of sorts? All manners of varying geography. Very descriptive and detailed. Well done!

Jul 7, 2018 20:32 by Mint

Thank you! There's definitely a lot of biomes. I tried to not go overboard with the biomes though. Figuring out the rain-shadows to get it accurate was tough, but I'm glad it worked out!

Jul 7, 2018 20:43 by James L

A perfect starting point to the geography of a world. Clear, concise and yet point jumping off points to write more on! Well done.

Jul 7, 2018 20:50 by Mint

Thank you very much!

Jul 7, 2018 20:57 by Ammy M

Very nice continent! It's very refreshing to see a reasonable amount of biomes on a map that makes sense. Even though I have absolutely no room to complain, seeing too many conflicting areas drives me a little batty lol. I also like that every region is separated and explained in a clear and concise manner with links for more information.

Jul 7, 2018 21:04 by Mint

I'm glad the biomes seem reasonable! While conflicting biomes don't frustrate me too much, I wanted to at least try to make it realistic! And I'm glad the separations work well! I saw it on another article just before rewriting this one, and it seems like a concise way to explain the area without getting bogged down.