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Yiavabwià̃ Country

Right next to Ʀurkuo Country, Yiavabwià̃ lies mostly within the mountain peaks themselves.
  Yiavabwià̃ is mostly known for their pažosià goats, and the wool harvested from them.


Yiavabwià̃ survived the Starfall the only way they could: by retreating deeper into the mountains. The inhabitants followed their goats deep, deep within the peaks. The mountain tops were out of the reach of the chaos, and also out of reach of food. The goats however, were a bit more stubborn than the people kept looking for food. And week after week, year after year, the goats found some. Just a little, just enough for the country to survive.

But survive they did. The people of Yiavabwià̃ take good care of their goats in return. As a result, their wool is some of the finest in the land.

Demography and Population

Most of the countries population lies within Ràshràbi Town, the capital. The rest are in small villages dotting the mountains, or herding their goats across the valleys. All of the other trading and crafting town lie in south, where the mountains are less jagged.


Agriculture & Industry

The main industry that Yiavabwià̃ country maintains is the creation of woven wool textiles of all sorts. Much of the rocky mountain slopes are dedicated to the raising of goats for this very thing. In the southern territories, there is some other agriculture, but much of their land simply cannot support the growing of large quantities of food.

Outside of that, there are some mining towns that have come to some success, but they cannot compete with Vutteisia in this.

Trade & Transport

Wool products are the number one trade good coming out of Yiavabwià̃. Some of the most perfectly crafted pieces can sell for a great deal in the south and east.

Refuge of the Cliff's Edge

Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Major Imports
Food is the most common import, along with some forged tools.
Neighboring Nations
Pažosià Goat
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Great crowned goat

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