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The planet Kul-El sits in an otherwise uninhabited region between the Tech Empire and the old Annunaki Alliance. The entire galaxy is littered with dead planets and asteroids rich with various metal ores. Mining companies loot the dead region, hauling their cargo to Kul-Enki, and the great mechanical city of Porassus. Here, giant factories the size of entire districts convert the ore into iron plates, and the iron plates into ships, tanks, and mechas for the various militaries of the Thousand Worlds.   Though no longer the largest war machine in the Thousand Worlds, Porassus is the oldest, and has a reputation for centuries of unsafe working conditions and indentured labor. In the last hundred years, however, sweeping reforms have been pushed forward, with several factories being shut down and their parent companies being absorbed by Baron Higgion. Most of the factories have now been reopened after extensive renovations, and several others have seen major improvements. However, the city's reputation as a gloomy, dangerous war-mongering metropolis has been difficult to shed.


While many of the upper-class workers and managers are either Annunaki or Kildaroth, the workers themselves come from every corner of the Thousand Worlds. In fact, the blending of the various humanoid species has led to the emergence of several new species unique to Kul-Enki. Non-human species are also common in the city.


The city is run in name by an archon and the Council of Elders. In reality, much of the city belongs to Baron Higgion of the Tech Empire, and his company controls most of what happens in the city, and in the galaxy as a whole.


The city itself lacks defenses on the ground, but Baron Higgion's company operates 26 defense satellites in constant orbit around the planet.


Though the city is known for its massive factories, many subsidiary industries have grown up around the main industry. Most of the city's power is supplied by nuclear plants just outside the city, or by massive fields of solar panels. shipping companies bring food and other merchandise into the city from other planets throughout the Thousand Worlds. Mechanics and repair shops keep the city's machinery running. The massive Imperial Shipyard provides jobs for just over 1 million employees, bringing goods in and out of the city.
Alternative Name(s)
Metal City, Smokestacks
12 million
Inhabitant Demonym

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