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Infernal Citadels of Lord Bishop

You and your associates make your way from the coast to the dreaded isthmus of Kilauea. The cool winds and refreshing salty breezes give way to suffocating sulfuric air. Those with heavy insulation have no choice but to remove their layers as the surrounding temperatures tick up when you are within visual range of the gates of the Infernal Citadels. How such a structure does not melt away and collapse is perplexing, but you will likely find more answers inside.You review recent drone footage from top Sybertechs to remind yourself what to expect.
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Witch Pipe by Bruce Quesenberry
After escaping the wrath of Thundarr the Barbarian, the Blood Wizard Bishop took refuge in an abandoned citadel of a fire Wizard. He did not take long to regain his strength and repair the ruins of Infernus the Wizard of the Molten wastes. Massive structures arise in the isthmus of Kilauea. These are definitely Wizard made and likely from the combined efforts of Blood sacrifice and the lost recovery Wizard technologies.   It has been five years since we heard of Lord Bishop. We thought he was defeated or banished to oblivion. Already the Council of Wizards has taken notice of Lord Bishop's efforts. They have sent emissaries to obtain more information, but they have not returned. Other overtures from nearby Wizards result in no response.   .


50 percent human slaves 25 percent mutants 25 percent other creatures, monsters or unknown entities


Lord Bishop is the High Wizard of the place. He is Council eligible but has not joined any worldwide effort to apply for a seat. He delegates various roles to mutants, blood servants and occasionally cyborgs or robot minions.

Industry & Trade

If Gehenna had the trappings of a trade center, this place might fit right in.
— author unknown

Bishop's empire is in dire need of the refractory metals in addition to Human slaves. Molybdenum is of highest demand and he scours the depths to obtain it. He will consider lesser metals for other uses, but usually only if the price is right. He offers powerful minions for trade and the means to control them. Blood Demons are formidable sentries, spies or guardians. They will not turn on Bishop as he created a safety spell or tech to prevent his own creatures from attacking his city, The Council is keenly interested in these creatures and how they are created. Human slaves can be traded for a Minor Blood demon at a ratio of 100 to 1.    
The Infernal Citadels do have a large port by which they conduct commerce with the outside world. It is manned by mutant humanoid factions and elite loyal humans. The port is safely positioned away from the active volcano so naval vessels can come and go and the surrounding bazaars and shops are quite developed for commerce. It is perhaps the most inviting aspect to outsiders of the entire kingdom. All trade goods that are collected are carted off by slaves to a heavily guarded gate embedded into the natural geological walls of the region. No unauthorized personnel is permitted to approach in this gate, or at least for those that do so are never heard from again. The ports are the main attraction for outsiders. Mutants who reside there spin stories of industrial paradise. Steam and hydraulic engineering power the area's shops, lodgings, entertainment, fishing, defenses, and desalination systems.

Blood Coins- Citadel units of Commerce

  Pictured: Blood coins with the value of 1 gold each.
Inside the Infernal Citadels, Blood Coins are the main source of currency. The official coins are crafted from igneous rock and dipped in blood. Higher value coins are marinated longer to allow the rocks to absorb more blood components then sealed with a transparent resin. Coins of the least value are basic igneous rocks with spattered clots of dried blood. Taxes and Protection fees are collected and brought to Lord Bishops High Gate Citadel monthly. Those who cannot pay in coins, pay directly and dearly. Those aware of the blood coin economy can obtain gold and silver for blood trades. Copper coins for vermin or animal blood are considered.


The top of the volcanic structure is the headquarters of Lord Bishop. If a madman were conscripted to draw the blueprints of the High Gates, the layout of the vaunted Citadel would make more sense. However, a traveler is tormented to navigate through fissures, pits, barriers of abominable figures, and mazes of madness. Areas of interest usually require Blood coins or fresh sacrifices for entry. For example, upon entering the Gates, you will be trapped in a small frightful room with two points of exit. A blood altar with instructions lets you pass through the main entrance easily, or if you refuse, the other path is quite miserable to bear. You are forced to traverse alleys unfortunate enemies of the kingdom suffering agonizing acts of "justice" administered to them. Prepare yourselves for battle, or you will likely die on your mission to have a meeting with Citadel authorities. The rule of thumb for visitors is that you must be worthy of having an audience with an elite. Demonstrate this worthiness in blood. Either yours or someone else who competes to have the attention of the Citadel leader.
Dungeons Mines by Joachim Barrum
The caverns of are odd in design with no organization as if natural weak spots were delved and enlarged while the essential supporting pillars of stone were fortified. City sections are divided and stacked on each other like pancakes. Each level has its own culture or set of rules to survive. Bridges of thick igneous rock and obsidian can bridge over rivers of lakes or rivers of lava. The pillars of bone and granite signify to the traveler when they are nearing a place of interest inside the volcano. The deeper one delves into the abyss, the more elaborate the abominable structures. No one that has come back was able to report just how deep the cavern system goes.
    Inside the Citadels are much more unknown and mysterious. It appears to take on a more sinister culture that is reported to be horrific. The heat from the molten lava is used to generate power for all electronics of the city.   Humans who are not farmed for their blood are given laborious work to continually build and fortify the structure.


The internal assets you need here involves survival. The longer you survive, the more powerful/influential you become. Crafty individuals create commerce on survival items, technology or bounties on others. If you wish to be a part of the militia, you are taken to a more hospitable region of the citadels to serve duty for security or military defense. The kingdom is becoming wealthy with its famous port and world interest in blood currencies.

Guilds and Factions

It is not clear there are guilds, but reports of a caste-like culture are apparent. There appears to be a hierarchy of the residents. Those who have the most dwell in the most hospitable areas of the fortress city, the sufferable regions are inhabited by weaker poor creatures. Strangely enough, the end goal of these citizens is to claw, deceive, or buy your way to that elite areas. No one believes escape is an option. The culture of inherent despair is puzzling and worthy of serious investigation.


The structure is relatively new. A marvel of construction through magic and technological prowess. Since 2145 it has stood uncontested as the leading civilization in the area.


On the top of the mile-high volcano sits the heavily fortified Gates of the Citadels. Lord Bishop and his Elites are said to reside there. The climb up to the Gates is treacherous. The mile hike up has to avoid the hazardous veins of molten lava and random geysers that spew forth scalding steam. Aerial defenses built on the steel enforced ossified roof consist of rail guns that use molten balls for ammunition. The visual appearance of the Gates and associated structures utilize a dreadful motif of blood and bone. The bones are enriched and hardened to resist decay from the volcanic heat and salty air.
We know from intelligence reports that body parts, bones, and blood are significant ingredients in the composition of the structural integrity of the city. The supports of city sections are bolstered with reinforced blood-colored igneous rock and titanium where needed. The volcano is not collapsing anytime soon.

Natural Resources

Plenty of access to minerals and liquid metals, water is desalinized for public use. Food must be imported in since the area has limited areas for domestic farm animals. That being said, the blood currency trade is growing in strength as people have few issues earning gold for a portion of their blood. The Blood, in turn, is utilized to create oath amulets which are coveted by Wizards. The port life also gives a decent life for fishermen and pirate lifestyles. The gold, silver, copper revenue streams coming from shipping fees and port fees as well as bazaar trade spot rentals.
10,000 is estimated

Blood Demons

Blood Oath Promise by Clip from John Wick movie series
A person who obtains a blood oath amulet from the Infernal Citadel, can bind the Blood Demon inside it. This is done with a drop of personal blood from a thumb or elsewhere. Depending on the quality demon purchased, the owner can summon a Blood Demon.

Blood Demons are creatures comprised of blood components. They can take common shapes but are limited in detail. They can appear as a silhouette of a human, but no specific features. They serve a variety of functions for a mortal master until the task is complete or the duration expires.

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