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43% Dwarf 32% Gnome 12% Human 9% Halfling 4% other


The city is run by the king Irtun Runblecrest but different organisations and families that make up the council of Foji have more direct control of the districts and people of the city.


The main city entrance is a large dwarven fortress, armed with many soldiers and experimental weapons. The city's walls are the mountain itself.

Industry & Trade

The city is known for its industrial workshops and forges. Large areas of the city are used as factories smelting ore, making weapons and large war machines. The city feeds its population with mostly imported goods and exports the weapons and machinery designed by the gnomes and dwarves.


The large underground city is a cohesive combination of the large stone fortress and bridges of the dwarven clans and the mechanical forges and foundries of the rock gnomes. The combination creates a seemingly chaotic cityscape but on closer inspection, the organisation and layout are well throughout.

Guilds and Factions

Council of Mountains Council of Smoke Council of Faces


The city was originally was the small gnomish town of foji until the discovery of the thunderstone under the mountain. The tales of the thunderstone caused multiple nearby dwarven families nearby to become interested. There was a long period of tension and conflicts that almost caused a war. The war was only topped by the intervention of the court of songs who organised a treaty between the dwarves and the gnomes which eventually lead them to join the court of songs. With the support of the court of songs the city quickly developed into the industrial powerhouse, it is today.


The city is almost entirely red stone and metal. Buildings are mostly made for function over form. There are large pipes and ventilation shafts that interlace above the city.

Natural Resources

The redstone quarried from inside the city is sturdy and used for most buildings. The mountain is rich with many ores and gems but most commonly iron. Rich sources of thunderstone can be found under the city.
Alternative Name(s)
City of Smoke
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym

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