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Due to Beer's location being inside a large cove their fishermen can operate for longer in the cold months and even in some rougher weather patterns as the nearby cliffs block the majority of the winds from the ocean proper.   The cliffs are nearly all limestone chalk just waiting to be mined which the locals tap into making small caves into the cliff faces to store boats and drying racks while just so happen to reuse the blocks in building their homes.   But at this time their chief exports are fish and lace made from the sheep they herd. To give an idea of the scale of their sheep operation, the town has 1 milk cow and 94 sheep. These graze on 7 acres of meadows, while the fish dry in 4 separate salthouses built partially into the limestone.


6 villagers, 20 landholders and 2 slaves


Medieval King's land. Locally run by Tenant-in-Chiefs


The village relies on the nearby lords for protection as the village is in a very exposed location.

Industry & Trade

The town exports lace and fish and imports grain from nearby towns to supplement their diets with grains to keep the fields growing grass for the goats.


Small houses made of local wood while the wealthier homes being made of stone from the nearby chalk cliffs.


Chalk cliffs near the coast, a safe cove for fishing, nearby fields very fertile due to run off allowing the village to produce more wool than normal for higher output of yarn and lace.


Beer has a habit of attracting smugglers and was in fact founded by a smuggler settling down near where he hid some of his ill-gotten coins. By the time the local lords cotton onto just who had settled the land most of the smuggler's crew had all died off and Beer was supplying his household with fancy lace and fish to make his own lord jealous.
28 households


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