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Tan's Town

With every disaster comes opportunity to those willing to exploit it, at the cost of moral character. The frequent quakes churned up the ground, bringing valuable, sometimes unknown resources closer to the surface. The people of Tan's Town mine away, gathering precious metal which is then smelted into tools and weapons. These are then sold at a profit, usually trade goods.   The people of Tan's Town live a miserable life, but an alive one, if that was any sort of consolation at all. Tan himself rules over the town with a piercing gaze, exiling anyone who steps out of line.   Smoke from the town's industrial smelting can be seen from far away, but many would be thieves avoid Tan's Town at all costs. Tan is determined to defend his enterprise at all costs, he has spared no expense in the armament of his town guard.


Mainly human, poor, some non-humans. Wealthy few.


Work and you get paid in food, don't work and you get exiled.


Makeshift walls from stone. Main defense comes from watchers ready to signal at a moment's notice.

Industry & Trade

Inhabitants mine and smelt metal, which are then crafted into armor, tools, and weapons. These are then traded to some of the prominent factions and settlements.


Only what is necessary. Dirt paths trodden down by frequent walking, small shacks, mainly industrial buildings such as smelteries.


Top grade armor and weapons, large food stores.

Guilds and Factions

Tan and his men rule without empathy. Those who challenge him are exiled, but there are whispers of a change in leadership.


Tan was wealthy before all this, and he made it his mission to stay that way. Recruiting a group of workers and guards, he hired scouts to find an easily exploitable location.


Incredibly makeshift, bare function over style.


Broken landscape, rock jutting up from beneath the ground. A small underground lake provides fresh water.

Natural Resources

Iron, Coal, various other metals, including some strange and unidentifiable ores.
Alternative Name(s)
Smog Town, Smoke Town
Inhabitant Demonym

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