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The monstrously large production capital of the human kingdom of Careodunum is as industrial of a city as has ever existed. It's furnaces light up the night sky as its forges rage, consuming wood and coal to fuel the human war machine. Cranking out engines of war for the humans of Careodunum and their dwarven and elven allies, Falinor is a soot-covered blight on the world.


Falinor is 90% human citizens of Careodunum, 2% elves, 3% dwarves, and 5% slaves of all species.


Falinor is run by the Archbishop of the Forge, a high cleric of the dwarven forge god of labour and production. The current Archbishop, while human, was fostered by dwarves, and learned their cultures and ways in his youth. He rules Falinor with an iron fist, caring more about production quotas and fealty to the Careodunum royal family than he does about the safety and wellbeing of his citizens. He wields absolute authority over Falinor, and every decision he makes is principally concerned with furthering the output of the city.


Falinor is surrounded by a five-metre tall bronze and iron wall that is thick enough to stand several guards side by side. The city only has three entrances, and only those with the necessary paperwork may enter or leave. Falinor's armoury is impressive, second only to that of the Careodunum royal family; if a weapon exists, you can be sure that it came from Falinor and that they have several warehouses full of them.

Industry & Trade

Everyone in Falinor is involved, to some degree, in the weapons business. From master smiths to draftsmen to the slaves that serve as the hard labour force, everyone contributes to the war effort in their own way. Falinor mostly makes weaponry for the Careodunum military, but it also does lively trade with other human kingdoms, as well as the elven and dwarven nations to the south and west.


Falinor has a massive water wheel in the centre of the city, used to power the city's forges and grand bellows. The majority of structures are forged from metal or stone, to reduce the spread of fires. Only the poorest of citizens live in wooden dwellings. The city used to have a fairly sophisticated plumbing and sewer system, but it has fallen into disrepair since the current archbishop came into power.


Metal of all kinds, in any form. Falinor was built atop a coal mine, which is still in active use. It imports raw materials from all over Careodunum, passing them through its forges to spit out the fine arms, armour, and weapons of war that the human kingdom has become known for.
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