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I will never forget my first time entering the city. My senses were assaulted from every direction, such wonders were laid out before me.


Gnomes and Dwarves make up the majority of the permanent population of Osbegda at about 35% and 45% respectively. The remaining 20% comprises mostly humans, elves and orcs with a smattering of the other species. Lizard folk and Snake folk are rare due to climate and centaurs even rarer.

Osbegda is quite a prosperous city and although it does have it's poorer inhabitants, there are no slums to speak of. Craftsmen, artisans and merchants make up the majority of the wealthiest people in Osbegda, the most prosperous of those being the guild leaders. The capital is a bustling hive of industry and trade so there is no shortage of work for those who seek it.


Osbegda is ran by a consortium of the guilds. Every major profession has a guild and each guild has a say in the lawmaking process and running of the city. Every 5 years the guilds vote on a new Council head, selected from the leaders of the guilds. Every guild member has a vote in this election process.


Osbegda is surrounded by strong, Dwarven built walls manned with ballistas.

Industry & Trade

The city is famous for it's inventions and master craft work. Gnomish clocks and constructs, Dwarven metal and stonework, Elvish jewelry and Orcish rugs and tapestries all help make Osbegda a thriving city. Young ambitious artisans also flock here to seek apprenticeships with the masters of the city, some will pay vast sums of money in order to study with arguably the best artisans and inventors in Paneus. Many travellers also pass through Osbegda, some to purchase trinkets and crafts and others to simply marvel at the wonders of the capital.


Innovation and craftsmanship are the lifeblood of the capital, making Osbegda the most advanced city on Paneus. The dwarves have created advanced sewer and aqueduct systems that service every part of the city, along with a fully paved road network and strong defensible walls. Gnomish clockwork and steam powered machines power the forges, mills and workshops of the city and several busy docks service the trade ships and barges which move up and down the river.
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