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Domed capital of the Republic of Welfenbach

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for helping with the name for this location


"Welfenbach's irrepressible expansion needs to become a global concern. The tendrils of Kernuppel are spreading far through the continent, sapping the land of its life. I fear for our future if we can't stop them in time..."
— Ailill, the Druid

Located at the heart of Welfenbach, Kernuppel is the capital of the country and the center of its socio-political system. Through a series of large cables that spread through the countryside, the aether of the soil is sapped and transferred to the capital to fuel the machines that keep Kernuppel alive and running.


Being the capital of a dictatorship, Kernuppel is easily the most oppressed city in Welfenbach. Under direct orders of the dictator, the local police use whatever means necessary to keep the people in line, charge taxes, and hunt criminals.


Due to the high rates of poverty and the overpopulation, the Kernuppel isn't a sight to behold. Most of the city is built with metal and concrete, houses piled up over one another, made of rubbish and scraps placed and welded together. There is also the great metal dome enclosing city keeping anyone from getting in or out.

Natural Resources

There aren't any natural resources left around the city, as everything, including the aether, was consumed through the years without any reservation. Everything Kernuppel needs is brought from the borders of the country.

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