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The Arlyian Research Institution for Developmental Sciences (ARIDS) & Arlyia-Thyr

The Arlyian Research Institution for Devleopmental Sciences, or ARIDS for short, is a mutli-layered research laboratory and city located in the Arlyian archipelago, specifically on Arlyia-Thyr (the northernmost island). The institution researches a large variety of things - ranging from appliances, computers, and vehicles, to weaponry, Telaurium energies, aircraft, spacecraft and more. Additionally, there are on-site housing on the island, with over ten thousand residents working in the labs in some form, as well as housing outside of ARIDS. Outside of the research portion of the island, there are also shopping centers, colleges, and assembly and distribution centers where people work.


As stated earlier, a large portion (10,000+) of the island's inhabitants are scientists of some sort. From there, the population fragments into teachers, power plant workers, factory workers, physicians, farmers, fishermen, and so on. Because of the education-focused nature on the island, crime and poverty are virtually nonexistent on the island, and record lows have been in place for years.   Though nearly all of the island's populace is human, there are a few Dae that have chosen to devote their lives to being either researchers, or being a research topic, as well as a few Dragons, and Megeri.


ARIDS, and Arlyia-Thyr as a whole because of it, is operated by an seven-person council inside the main research lab that convenes monthly to discuss any needed changes to the needs of the population. The seven council members consist of: Security & Defense, Renewable Resources, Construction & Expansion, Medical Services, Flora & Fauna, Global Relations, and a representative from the Board of Education. Each member can reside on this council for up to twenty years (or four consecutive 5 year terms), through voting on the island. Each Thyrian is highly encouraged to vote each re-election year, and is given lists showing what candidates have worked on, completed, as well as their educational background.


Though there are no exact rigid defenses on the island, a series of pneumatic walls that can be pushed up from below upon word of any kind of threat. Additionally, should a highly catastrophic event occur, an experimental Telaurium-energy shield can be emitted around the center of the island. Aside from that, the R&D Defence & Security lab has several weapons being tested that are both non-lethal and very dangerous.

Industry & Trade

Though most of its exports are manufactured goods and electronics, Arlyia-Thyr, and ARIDS, is highly dependent on other nations for smelted metals (iron, copper, telaurium metals), wood, and crop-maintaining commodities.


The center of Arlyia-Thyr holds the hexagonal structure that is the research part of ARIDS. Within it, branch off several independent laboratories that eventually deliver their findings to a respective representative of that study. From there, it is transferred to the council member overseeing that branch.   Outside of the research lab, there are solar power plants, hydroelectric power plants, and ley-energy gathering stations which also work as power plants. From here, the power is diverted to factories that manufacture items that have been experimented on, tested, and given a green light for production within the labs; often being some form of electronics. Several larger-scale farms are located on the northern side of the island, along with a northern port which generates a source of fish for the island. Additionally, there is a southern port which receives tourists, off-island inhabitants, and handles imports and exports.


In addition to the research hub of the island, there are manufacturers on the island that produce much of the island's exports. Arlyia-Thyr, and ARIDS subsequently, is most notable for this by creating the Telaurium crystal foci that allow common household appliances to be powered with the ley energy of Folterra almost solely, rather than being dependent on external power plants.

Guilds and Factions

The island is divided up mostly into the seven council-dictated regions. E.g.; if you work as a farmer, you fall under the jurisdiction of the Flora & Fauna board. The only part of the island that does not fall under this categorization are inhabitants of a small village near the southwestern cliffs, and tourists, of course.


Arlyia-Thyr has been inhabited since the Age of the Vex, and slightly before then by small tribes of people. However, ARIDS has only come to be constructed on the planet for about 80 years (~1160 AV), and only recently started contacting other nations and exporting goods in the last thirty. Before this, Arlyia-Thyr was mostly seen as just a northern point of the Arlyian Archipelago, with not much on it.


Much of Arlyia-Thyr uses a modern design style, utilizing a lot of whites and light gray color schemes for the research portion of the island's buildings, while the rest of the island varies in more contemporary schemes, or more rustic styles, depending on your proximity to the center of the island.


Arlyia-Thyr is a relatively flat island, with small, rolling hills along the southwestern side that slowly slope into cliffs. There are very little trees native to the island, and as such, biodiversity is relatively low.

Natural Resources

Arlyia-Thyr is relatively low on natural resources. However, given it's proximity to the ocean, the island generates a lot of Telaurium crystals, gold, and small amounts of copper from off-shore mining rigs.
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ARID, ARIDS, Arlyia Tech Institute
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