The Array

Where life thrives upside down

I stepped upon the edge of a rocky mesa. The rain poured gently, almost like a mist, slowly pooling in the tiny ponds in the islands below. Above, leafy vines speckled with colorful flower buds swayed from the bottoms of the islands that floated above. Every direction I turn my head, I'm surrounded by the bounty of the earth and the nourishment of the sky. Though I stand on the precipice of doom, I can only feel beauty.
— Logs from a Standalone's Journal

An Untouchable Wilderness

  The Array is a treacherous yet majestic span of loosely floating islands located between the floating continents of Ineo and Keio. These islands are suspected to stay suspended in air due to the intense magnetic waves pushing and pulling from the neighboring major continents known to be filled with C.A.D minerals. These minerals may also exist in smaller concentrations in The Array, thus supporting one another by transferring these constantly fluctuating energies.


The Array spans for many miles of numerous floating islands loosely connected by viny overgrowth. Island elevations vary, but a clear trend can be determined whether the chain of islands will rise or fall while following the connected pathway. The tops of these masses are mostly mountainous, but some boast beautifully flat grassy mesas.  
Overlooking the Islands in The Array
by 10tenart
  In higher elevations, the land has a dryer climate. It doesn't take long to travel lower to see clouds consume the lower islands in a constant mist, causing water to pool and spill over the cliff-sides like waterfalls. The water dissipates as mist again, causing the same watery pattern to the islands below. It's not known how low these islands can go due to thick clouds reducing visibility, since many fear getting too close to the inevitable Energaia that underneath.

Fauna & Flora

If you're lucky to be in the right spot at the right time, you may spot a Cirenatee or two navigating through the floating masses or foraging around the luscious landscape. These islands are overgrown with bushes of Sky Kale, edible fungus, and flowering white Commense plants.  
Foliage in The Array
by Al Sam
  Long thick groups of ferns hang over the sheer cliff-sides like beards, and patches of curly moss cover many of the rock sides underneath the islands. Fruits like the purple spotted Habiticaba tree thrive in higher elevations, while the hardy orange fruit Persibitton can survive in much lower elevations.
Ferns in The Array
by Li Xiaohan
Alternative Name(s)
The Emerald Bridge
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Resident Species

Species | Jul 15, 2019

Gentle hovering herbivores used for transport

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe a lush and fertile location in your world."

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