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Slow and Steady, Like a Calm Cloud

They be quite the slowest sky cows, but darn it they be reliable.
— A wandering Standalone

Gentle Sky Beasts

  If a Cier comes across a Cirenatee in the wild, they have an opportunity to make an instant friend! These shy creatures, approached with care, can be persuaded to carry goods or riders. Despite their seemingly vulnerable disposition, these hardy creatures have the best record for transporting entities or resources without fail or fuss. However, they are not known to be the fastest way to travel and tend to take their time. They also don't respond well to harsh commands or ill treatment if an entity attempts to pressure it to move faster. If under stress, Cirenatees will immediately land firmly on the ground and refuse to move. Most Standalones know well how to properly approach these gentle giants, and enjoy hitching a ride on one even if it means they may not get somewhere for a long while.  
Cirenatee Eating Clouds
by 10tenart

Basic Information


Cirenatees have large sloped bodies with flexible front flippers and a paddle shaped tail used to help them navigate through the air. Their smooth heads encompass two small droopy looking eyes positioned far apart on each side, and a short snout covered in tiny whiskers for detecting vegetation below where their eyes can't see.

Ecology and Habitats

Cirenatees are found wherever vegetation is most abundant as it is their main food source, but prefer places where they have an opportunity to hide quickly. They like to take shelter in archipelagos, or clusters of loosely connected floating islands, since they are perfect hiding grounds from predators. Bodies of water like ponds or lakes are also their favorite places to lounge and rest after hovering for long periods of time.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Grasses, leaves of the tender variety, vines, bit berries, and the occasional crunchy shrub are ideal nibbles for Cirenatees. It forages by hovering close enough to the ground until their flippers can touch, then uses them to "walk" on land while their prehensile lips sense for edible plants to graze upon.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Cirenatees are solitary animals, and only come in groups during mating season.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Cinatrees can be found sporadically across the Isle of Preo and the Isle of Keio. They are also spotted in The Array for its lush resources and abundant hiding spots.
Sky cows, Floaties, Air Blubbers
65 ultra cycles
Average Height
4-6 feet
Average Weight
900 - 3000 lbs
Average Length
10-13 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Depending on the environment, their outside appearance can differ dramatically. In hotter climates, their skin is bare revealing all details of their thick leathery skin, and those in colder areas develop a shaggy coat to help keep themselves well insulated. Skin colors range from ashy white, speckled grays, and muted blues. The tops of their bodies are a shade darker than their bellies due to more exposure to sunlight.

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The Array
Geographic Location | Jul 15, 2019

A connected clustered of small floating islands with hanging gardens

Cover image: by 10tenart


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about a creature that is used as a beast of burden or transport animal."

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