Easter Egg Hunting

Incredibly risky, incredible rewards

Highly popular yet illegal, Easter Egg Hunting is a ubiquitous sport organically designed for the most daring, and definitely not for the irresolute. The sport involves stealth, discretion, tact, and creativity. Anyone can participate in the sport if they know what to look for, filled with enticing prospects. Casual or professional hunting is played within the city of Nexus depending how an entity wants to participate.


The Rules of the Game

There are two types of players for the hunt: Sneakers and Seekers. Sometimes entities play alone, while others create teams so they can share the wealth of information they end up gathering.



A Sneaker is in possession of an egg and looks to place the egg in an unknown or unauthorized location. The more restricted the location is, it is assumed the better the knowledge will be gained. Some may put out riddles to bait others into attempting to find the egg, reducing the risk of them being caught and letting someone else do the work of finding it. Some do not reveal any info about their egg so that they can come back to it later, still receive the gained knowledge, as well as reuse the egg again. There is a limited amount of time for a Sneaker to place an egg and activate its scanner before the egg self detonates. This prevents anyone from hoarding eggs.



Seekers are those willing to find eggs so that they can become a Sneaker, having a chance to gather information themselves. Once they find an egg, whatever info that egg has collected will be sent to the one who planted it in that spot. Some Seekers decide to turn the eggs into Security for a reward, but some entities won't turn one in due to fear of being incarcerated.


The sport supposedly took form after the takedown of the notorious Syntek and her minions. Special reconnaissance technology was invented by one of her most trusted allies meant to gather information overtime within a certain radial distance. This proved valuable especially when attempting to gather knowledge about places an entity does not have authorization to access. No other entity has figured out how to replicate this tech so far, as it is very difficult to analyze due to an imposed self destructing time limit. This time limit no doubt was meant to protect the creator's innovative patent and Syntek's motivation when she was a major threat to the System.   Only a certain amount of functional eggs were left hidden around the city. Entities driven by curiosity, greed, or both attempted to find these eggs before security forces would find them and destroy them. Thus, the cycle of finding and hiding developed an underground circle of players who attempt to keep the game alive.

by Dimitry Denisov
Leaked photo evidence of what an Easter Egg looks like.  
The most important rule?
Don't get caught!
You know, I heard there was one hidden near a data processing center in sector 2-3 of the city. That's a crazy risky location don't you think? They usually sweep that sector regularly, but someone was ballsy enough to hide it inside the security checkpoint right outside. They probably gambled that the guards may find it and play along.
— Gossip from a random entity
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Cover image: by Chester Ocampo


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: "What is the most popular sport in your world? Explain the rules."

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