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Fidelity Gate

A forbidden portal connecting unknown worlds

10.1.600 - Observation #38: Light pulsated sporadically from the floating cuboid. This time emitting a ████ color. Rainfall has increased, and surrounding pool waters have flooded the nearby planes. A shadow keeps undulating underneath the water surrounding the structure, indicating a possible ██████. Could be a level ██ or ██. Units are on standby. Mother help us...
— Partially decrypted anonymous Ministry member logs

Existence Outside Our Shell

  Cradled within the heart of the Isle of Securo rests the Fidelity Gate. To some, this massive structure is a blight to the life and order of the System. For others, it holds immense power that needs to be understood to answer more questions about the universe and an entity's purpose in life. Be it derived from the divine, supernatural, or magical forces, no one knows. Its presence embarked on a cultural shift in society's understanding of the world, introducing more fear and curiosity surrounding the metaphysical world. Minds have opened exponentially while others have shut other possibilities out. The gate changed everything that was known, what is, and what will be.


The base form of the gate takes on the shape of a geometric style bowl or flower, with flat openings that constantly pour water out into the shallow pools below. A cube floats atop the base, sometimes emitting pulses of light. There are four ground-level entrances into the base of the curve, which provides the only clear entrance for any entity to approach. The structure's material is guessed to be made out of a very smooth white stone with magnetic properties and is not a known material anywhere else in the System.


The Fidelity Gate came into existence during the 545th ultra cycle of the System. Legends say that during the cooling solstice, the civilized world experienced a surge of wind storms. These storms caused the waters of Energaia to become tsunami-like waves that almost touched the bottom of the three mass floating islands known to exist. All technology became affected by the increased proximity of the deadly waters, and for three cycles the winds raged. Sometime after the foreboding tempest, entities reported the existence of another floating island appearing in the sky where it was once barren.   Several expeditions over the course of five ultra cycles were organized to travel to this distant island to confirm its existence, thus the Isle of Securo was established. During this time, strange lifeforms and phenomena occurred throughout the System. The Ministry, feeling threatened by the sudden change in the world's natural order, invested in investigating the source of these changes. Soon after, information leaked out in public forums that a strange landmark exists deep within the center of this new land. The Ministry attempts to secure this information under tight access protocols, but there are several entities who make it their personal mission to learn more about it.
Looking up at the Fidelity Gate
by 10tenart

Stranger Things Abound

  Most believe the existence of parabytes are caused by the gate's presence, and there are several kinds:
  • Threats
  • Safeguards
  • Neutrals

Natural Wonder

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about a constructed or natural landmark in your world."

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