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Battle of Independence

The Battle of Independence is so called for two reasons. Not only did it take place in a settlement called Independence, but it is also considered a victory which allowed for the independence of those who practiced magic in the area. During the battle, the Anti-Mage forces held a group of wizards under siege in Independence, Seretrene. The seige ended with spies letting the army into Independence.

The Conflict


The settlement of Independence, in what is now Seretrene, is one of the oldest cities on all of Svene. It was started by a group of wizards hoping to escape the Anti-Mages who threatened to kill them because of their magic, hance the name. Unfortunately, the Anti-mages found a way to follow the wizards to Svene and the wizards of Svene were still learning how the planet affected their ability to work magic differently than they planets they had come from.


When the Anti-mages arrived, the leader insisted that if all of the wizards were sent out of the settlement, others would be spared, but those in the settlement refused. They did not the forces to directly attack the Anti-mages. A siege continued for several days before the Anti-mages retreated. They then sent two spies, both women, to seek refuge in Independence. These spies later opened the gates of Indpendence to let the Anti-Mage army in.

Historical Significance


The spies lead the enemy forces into Independence, but a powerful sorcerer banded together nine others who managed to take down the army with a series of cleverly crafted spells. What should have been the slaughter of an entire town was turned into a great victory. The spies were caught. As a result of all of this, the leading wizard became the leader of the community, and the school to train wizards was developed into nine classes, to represent the nine people who helped him fight the Anti-mage army. Originally, the classes did not represent particular magical gifts, but the leader handpicked his successors from those who had worked through all nine classes. Furthermore, the original leader did not prevent women from participating in the school, but his successors banned, claiming that women were weaker than men and more likely to give away secrets. Therefore, to prevent this, women were banned from the school, which was also the center of the community.

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