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The West Coast Rengian Finals

The gamechanging event of the strongclaw challenge that shook Melior.

The West Coast Rengian Finals was a famous strongclaw challenge that put the sport on the map and brought it all across Melior. The sport was previously a local game that originated in Rengia, and was to be a final match between some local teams in the Rengian Tournament.   All of this changed when some Rakuwa traders from The Iji Islands got wind of the event, and boasted with the locals that they could beat any team in a test of strength (for they had been traders at sea for years, they were strong from hauling nets and lifting heavy cargo every day).   To spice up the competition and cause a stir in the city, the Ijian traders were allowed to compete. The officials thought it would be hilarious to see these outislanders be defeated, and it would raise the pride of the local teams, too. The traders took on the team name: The Iji Snappers, which the Rengians scoffed at for sounding silly.   Snap by snap, crunch by crunch, the Ijian traders bested The Rengian Ravagers in every challenge. The roar of the crowds drew in everyone in the city towards the docks, as the challenge took part on the battle barge.   The show was fantastic, and every child went away asking their parents for spare materials to practise their crushing moves on. The sport spread across the world and is still enjoyed to this day.  

The Conflict


The competition took place aboard a Rengian Battle Barge tied up to the docks. This barge is designed like a floating arena, used for major sporting events like the strongclaw challenge. VIP stalls are situated on the boat, other audiences watch from the dockside or other vessels.


The dockside waters were calm and refreshing, the warm summer sunshine was balanced by a crisp ocean breeze.


The Rengian Ravagers
The Iji Snappers




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