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Competitive rakuwan folk who test their strength by crushing things.

Rakuwan folk known as strongclaws compete against each other to test their crushing strength in sporting events and flex their claws at the roaring crowds of admiring fans.   It's a deeply respected way of life for those who are serious about the sport, and they train as much as they can using dried logs, melons, coconuts, and even pumice boulders before working up to harder materials like metal pipes. To aid their career strongclaws frequently take up side jobs that support their training, such as groundswork, forestry, and metalworks. Other folk frequently offer rakuwan strongclaws positions as bodyguards and security due to their size and appearance.   The sport is dangerous without proper training, as shards of wood and stone can shoot outwards when breaking things. Rakuwan strongclaws are at risk of injury from over exertion and need to train at a steady pace. It is not uncommon for strongclaws to molt their largest claws when undergoing extensive training.  

A Show of Strength

The Strongclaw Challenge is a popular sport entered almost exclusively by Rakuwans (there's no restriction on other folks from entering, but they'd be at a serious physical disadvantage).   There are two main judging categories for the challenge:
  • Destruction - a test increasing in difficulty of materials that can be broken or crushed with a single limb.
  • Speed - a test to see how many items can be crushed within a certain time limit.

Intimidating Prescence

When they compete in the Strongclaw Challenge, rakuwans adorn themselves in warlike paints to intimidate the opposing team. They paint their claws in vibrant colours and patterns, often matching those of their team mates.   Some strongclaws seek to look much bigger than the others and will add prosthetic layers to their claws in order for them to look sharper or bulkier. This practise is banned from regulated events to prevent unfair advantages such as steel tipped claws, additional blades, spikes, or rubber grip body modifications.
Famous Teams
The Iji Snappers
The Rengian Ravagers
Species | Nov 20, 2022

A sapient race of crabfolk that live along the warm coastal regions of Melior. They are very clean beings and take care in their appearance and pride in their homes.

Strongclaw Challenge
Tradition / Ritual | Nov 20, 2022

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