The Occlusion Event and the end of the last Dawn Age Military Conflict in Laethelle: the Starlight Age | World Anvil
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The Occlusion Event and the end of the last Dawn Age

I have been told by my historians that our world is one of cycles. In the Dawn Ages, we build, we grow strong, and we forget the Dark and the monsters. In the Starlight Ages, we cower, we grow fearful and pale, and we forget the Dawn and its promise. Such a stark contrast.   Each cycle begins the same way, with the birth of the Still and the end of the light. The Still grows to swallow the sky until we are left completely in its shadow, where we remain for millennia. But the Still doesn't come alone; its growth is the harbinger of the coming of the Enemy, the Thramorri. It is they who pull down our cities and scatter our people. They are the ones who keep us huddled beneath the spires, and cull any who venture into the Dark.   I've heard rumors of a manuscript - or a fragment of one - that gives a first-hand account of the battle against the Thramorri at the beginning of this Starlight Age, but I don't know where I might find it. I've read some few accounts by people who've claimed to have read it, and what they describe is horrifying. An army of Thramorri, scouring the ancient world like a plague until all but the few lucky enough to be near a Spire had been killed or captured. What must that ancient, desperate struggle have looked like, I wonder? Did the combatants know that the Dark which had befallen them would last for aeons? Did they care?  
Lord Anderasi Palin, Palinost, Flame of the Palinspire

The Conflict


The Thramorri came with the Dark, moving across the world like a plague, there was little warning.


After the Dark came, humans struggled to establish any real defense against their Thramorri opponents. They established hasty perimeters and checkpoints, but lacked the ability to make much more than basic torches and flares to see by, making tactical maneuvers difficult. The Thramorri by contrast were in their natural element. They moved against the humans swiftly and mercilessly.


The Thramorri encircled and captures whole cities at their leisure. Aside from token resistance, they were virtually unopposed in their conquest.


Human civilizations made very little use of artificial light in their cities and homes, due to the near-total daylight present. Some industries developed rudimentary light-bulbs and hand-held devices, but they almost all relied on limited battery power or external charging, and the energy grids of the day were overwhelmingly solar powered.   As a result, battlefield conditions were poorly illuminated and difficult to manage.

Historical Significance


The wars that arrived with the end of the Dawn Age resulted in the Thramorri coming to dominate virtually all of the formerly human lands. Human cultures remained only where the Spirelight prevented the Thrarmorri from capturing or killing them. For the next several millennia, human civilizations have remained tied to the relatively small illuminated regions, and their numbers remain a fraction of what they once were.
Start Date
0 CR
Ending Date
1 CR
Conflict Result
After less than a year of fighting, the Thramorri had captured or killed the majority of the humans caught beyond the reach of the Spires. What few cities that remained after the initial onslaught succumbed or were abandoned shortly after.

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