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Rubefiàn Civil War

In the mid-500s, Alchemists were still distrusted by many people. While opinions had been changing since the creation of the healing potion, it was slow going. In particular, Rubefià Empire had many restrictions from the state religion which considered alchemy to be an unreliable knockoff of the magic granted by Tràyalià, and some even considered only a step away from the Void. The average person was less fearful, but it meant little if the government restricted so much.
Thus, in 579 the Alchemy researchers, wanting fewer restrictions from the state religion and more control over resources, started a civil war with Rubefià. The war would last for seven years, as more and more mages were swayed to the alchemists' side.
And in 586, the magicians succeeded in taking land from Rubefià to build their school on, the future Yiselxà Academia, along with enough land to farm for the school.

The Conflict


While Rubefià had the lead in international politics for centuries, this civil war was the beginning of the fall from grace. Yiselxà Academia became the leading source of potions and trained mages, and had completely barred trade with Rubefià. With this, the Empire found themselves without resources. Adventurers didn't want to work in a country with so few resources. Without adventurers, the influx of magical materials into the market slowed a crawl, and their defenses against monsters became much weaker than in centuries prior.

But that was only the beginning of this cascade of sorrow. With no materials, and such a threat on the horizon, the government got desperate. If the issue was resources, then all the needed was a new source, right? With this thought in mind, Rubefià attempted to take an island from Mâhirau̯ Nation called Hache Island. This led to the Hache Island War which in the end the Empire lost. This ruined relations with their best trade partner, and cornered them forward.

Today, the Rubefiàn Empire has only two sources of magical materials and potions: the Vemežush Trade guild, and the dungeon in Diluvo Town. The future of the once illustrious nation is unknown and many fear for their future.
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The Alchemist's Victory


Rubefiàn Government
Magical Researchers

Led by




To stop the alchemists rebellion, and thus, stop the country from both losing income and face.
To obtain a place where all magicians, alchemists, and others can come together to research magic, without fear of reprisal.


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