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Weaver of the Heavenly Tapestry, Mother of the Stars

Tràyalià is the goddess of the stars, and the patron deity of humanity. According to the myths, every human is represented by a star in the sky, and Tràyalià guides each of these stars through the world as if she is weaving the night sky. Those she looks well upon will be blessed with good luck and a prosperous life, those she does not will struggle for every bit.



It is said before Tràyalià and Shàsna appeared the world was either pure light or pure shadow. The magic of both states made the world desolate with its force. Shàsna broke the pure ether into shards, which Tràyalià wove into the dark sky. The two largest fragments went on to become the sun, or Lechai̯, and the moon, the deity Sirdulluin. However, Lechai̯ and Sirdulluin weren't happy about the way they had come into being. The two attempted to block out the stars Tràyalià had woven, and in revenge Shàsna made sure the two sun and moon deities could never meet again.
This however, is definitely a bias view of the myth, and generally subject to debate.

Divine Domains

Stars, Fortune, Weaving
Divine Classification


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