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Order of the Ocean

Also called the Lǐlâ̂fǐtsh in Ivi Language, the Order of the Ocean is the typically religion of the Mozlěkkẫrâ̂. The religion is unusual as they worship a fifth deity,

Mythology & Lore

The first myth told to every child is Lěhěměfii and the Sea. While the myth isn't the very beginning, Lěhěměfii represent the beginnings of their people. From there is a slightly altered tale of the beginning.
At first, there was only the sky and sea, both empty. The ocean, Delgâ̂tsh, slept, untouched and unmoved. The sea was merely a mirror, reflected nothing but shadows and dreams in Delgâ̂tsh's sleep.
Tràyalià weaves together the stars, and Shàsna takes the stardust from the failed stars to create the sun, Lechai̯. Below is awoken by the light of the sun, finally coming to. On its surface, the sun is reflected, and Sirdulluin, the moon, was born.
The myth, overall, bears a great similarity to northern mythology, but feels entirely separate with the addition of Delgâ̂tsh.

Tenets of Faith

The Order is simple, in a way. The ocean is uncaring, and brings storms just as easily as fish. While, the sun grants life and the wind beneath the Mozlěkkẫrâ̂'s wings, it burns just as much. The religion reflects that.

Respect is key, and all those who live on the ocean must respect it. Delgâ̂tsh will send a good current only as long as a person tread lightly, and asks kindly. Rituals and feasts to appease the ocean are common, and just before storm season the village's elder will ask the sea and sky to be merciful. How exactly they ask varies from village to village. Many have a feast, with Delgâ̂tsh's share sacrificed in toe. Others spend the dawn in quiet prayer, asking for a good spring.
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