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The Mozlěkkẫrâ̂ are Gâch-ma who live their lives almost entirely on boats. Many Birdkin have retreated from the oceans, but the Mozlěkkẫrâ̂ have doubled down over the last few hundred years. Originally sea raiders before the Starfall, today their only prey is the sea monsters that have invaded their territory.
Long ago, these boat-villages were barely able to hold their own, but the numbers of monsters have begun to decrease. The sheer war-potential of this group is unheard of on the continent. Within a hundred years, perhaps even less, the Mozlěkkẫrâ̂ set their sights on the archipelago.

Major organizations

There are three main groups of the Mozlěkkẫrâ̂. First is the Lǐlrømii (ocean breeze) clan. The Lǐlrømii are the least aggressive of the groups, and primarily fisherman. Most of their energy goes into long fishing journeys, and only fight in defense against monsters. The Fěgøøkkâ̂râ̂r (storm claw) clan is the Lǐlrømii clan's opposite. Fěgøøkkâ̂râ̂r hunt monsters for both food and materials, and is easily the most warlike of the three groups. Should they run out of opponents, their hunting would have to find a new target as the Fěgøøkkâ̂râ̂r have no infrastructure to support them.
Finally, the Hakkaměyim (day's fire) stay the closest to land of the three clans. Traditionally farmers, they produce oysters, crabs, and seaweed. The Hakkaměyim fight far more monsters than the Lǐlrømii, and have better defenses that the Fěgøøkkâ̂râ̂r. As the farms keep them in one place, Hakkaměyim are raided year-round by sea monsters.
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