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Lěhěměfii and the Sea

Birth of the Sea Breeze

An ancient myth from the Mozlěkkẫrâ̂, Lěhěměfii and the Sea is the origin myth for the Gâch-ma.
While the Lěhěměfii appears in the Mâhirau̯n myths as well, it is not the origin of the Birdkin people there. Historians specializing in myth have often wondered about this difference.


Long ago, when there was just sea and sky, the sea was merely a mirror of the skies above. There was no weather, no waves. One day, Lechai̯, the sun deity, came down to the sea below. The reflection of their light was blinding, but Lechai̯ had never seen their reflection before. There Lechai̯ met Delgâ̂tsh, the ocean god, but their meeting is another story.

A long story brought short, when the two attempted to touch, Delgâ̂tsh was burnt. The steam was born into the first winds, the Lěhěměfii. The Lěhěměfii had both scales and feathers, parts of the sea and sky, but was an outsider to both. This was represented in its great crown of coral horns. In the earliest days, the bird did not mind. The played on the waters and brought a playfulness and liveliness that the sea had never seen.

But the Lěhěměfii was truly an outsider. Its wings could not bring it to the heights the sun resided in. And when the Lěhěměfii attempted to dive down to Delgâ̂tsh's home, it could not breath as a fish could. When the winds realized this, deep underwater, they caused the first storm. The water and skies around it roiled, far beyond its control, too heartbroken to notice.

The waves ripped away two feathers, one from each wing, and it was these that would become the first Birdkin.


The myth can be found from the southern half of Lemikkâgi Island to the southern-most islands of the archipelago.
Lěhěměfii comes from Ivi words for 'wind hawk.'
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