Magia Tech-Bleakbear Arms Merger

Written by Barron

The MagiaTech-Bleakbear Arms merger was a corporate conflict that turned particularly violent after a regular merger turned into a physical confrontation. The two arms companies pitted their weaponry against each other in what became an actual armed conflict between employees.  

Merger Attempt

During one of MagiaTech's growth years, they proposed and moved forward with an attempt to purchase and merge with the also growing Bleakbear Arms. While discussions for the merger were at first peaceful, a lack of good offers or acceptance on both sides of the table led to the merger becoming more and more of a physical encounter.   On the 10th day of negotiations, the room of CEOs broke down. All stormed out of the room, and a hostile takeover between corporations was declared. It was the first instance of an corporation vs. corporation hostile action.  

Hostile Takeover

On the dawn of the 11th day, the security forces of Magia-Tech, having felt like that have offered fair trades marched to Bleakbear Arms to enforce their demands. The Bleakbear Arms employees stood their ground, and a firefight ensued at Bleakbear Arms. The battle became more and more desperate, people fighting for their livelihoods and stakes in their own companies. It was a battle of pride, and neither side wanted to back down.   The battle lasted five days, in which time the MagiaTech forces pushed through the lobby and through the bottom floors of the building. The hostile takeover had begun to destablize the region, with the siege blocking sections of Victoriana City itself. It was because of this that The Directoriate stepped in to stop the conflict and force both sides to the table.  


The Directoriate forced the two sides to peace and drafted up a non-negotiable deal. It was take it or leave it for both sides. Both sides begrudgingly agreed to the deal. Magiatech bought out Blackbear Arms at a higher price than before.  


This battle of corporations forced The Directoriate to take on the issue of Hostile takeovers and corporate interactions. Where they have previously been expected to be less than lethal affairs, it was obvious that legislation was needed to ensure that Hostile Takeovers did not spill out of the corporations that were being effected.
Long time ago when our city was turned into a battlezone. Many folks are still upset at MagiaTech over it all. Heck, I thought it was just funny.
— Syndicate Civilian

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Summer Camp Prompt 16

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