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The War of Dredarek

The End of An Era

Led by the ferocious Half-Giant Ogre Dredarek, a violent army of thousands of monstrous beasts would invade and ravage the lands and people of the Western Coast of Fyria. Destroying towns and settlements across Heldrin, Casarei, and Roseport. After years of fighting and sacrifice, the allied forces of all the nations of the western coast led by Sir Alexander Tavron would slay the vile Dredarek and stop his bloodthirsty horde.   The outcome of this war would begin the road towards the end of an era. Being the catalyst that would end the Time of Roses and start the Era of Crowns. A time in which the nations of the Western Coast of Fyria would become the strongest nations in the world.
Prelude to War
An increasing frequency of large groups of wandering humanoids and beasts was noticed in the southeast of Heldrin by citizens and guards of the country. This border was near what is current-day Keldavor. During that time it was a place filled with vile creatures and monsters. They rarely crossed into Heldrin though and were typically incapable of cooperating long enough to organize a large cohesive force. This sudden change in behaviour grew concern in Heldrin, though other nearby nations ignored Heldrings initial warnings, dismissing the rumours of organizes humanoid monsters.   Then under the leadership of the Half-Giant Ogre Dredarek, two large forces spilled out from the wasteland home of the humanoid beasts. One force went directly north into the small communities of Heldrin, the other west, through a narrow pass in the mountains into the farmlands of Casarei. Each force ravaged the nearest settlements they could, killing hundreds of unprepared citizens. War had begun.   Casarei and Heldrin would independently mobilize quickly, gathering their forces and striking out at the hordes encroaching forces. They thought their armies skill and military tactics would give them an advantage, but the greater numbers of Dredarek's horde proved too much and each army began to fall back slowly each day. Aldelgis at this point in the war did not involve themselves and would continue to stay tucked away in the north, unconcerned with the beginning of the war to the south.
The Growing Battle
The war would rage on for over a year, with Casarei and Heldrin each individually fighting the horde with little success. Slowly being driven further into a tactical corner by the enraged beasts. After many losses, the two nations finally agreed to cooperate with each other and would join forces. Though it was still not enough to defeat the hordes their combined forces and military prowess was enough to hold back the hordes buying them much needed time to regain strength. They would need to convince The Empire of Aldelgis to join the fight.   It would take nearly six months but the leaders of Casarei, Heldrin, and Roseport were finally able to convince the Aldelgian Emperor to send his armies into the fight against the horde. He would only be convinced when one of his scouting parties confirmed the danger to the south and the potential danger to the empire if the horde were to make their way north. Aldelgis would join the fight, finally giving the allied forces of the west coast a fighting chance.
Halting the Horde
The combined forces of the allied nations would continue to fight the monstrous hordes and would take them another year and a half to finally quell the violent threat. Only being able to do so after Sir Alexander Tavron, Knight of Roseport and leader of the combined armies killed Dredarek in a bloody confrontation. Without their leader, the enemy army crumbled and was overcome within a few short weeks.

Short Term Outcomes
Many thousands died during the war on both sides, including soldiers, citizens, and countless humanoid monsters. The armies of each of the involved nations were severely weakened, especially Roseport, the smallest of the allied countries.   The leaders of the four nations would meet at the immediate end of the war and would agree to protect each other until each was able to recoup their loses. This agreement would last for several years, after which each nation would come to new terms of trade and communication.   Sir Alexander Tavron was hailed as the hero of the war and his status as Roseport’s greatest knight was cemented. After his untimely death a few short years later a day of celebration would be established that is still popular in Roseport to this day.
Roseport a few years after the war would become a city-state of Heldrin, agreeing to join their growing nation. This decision was due to several factors, including Roseport’s increased need for assistance after huge losses during the war, an improved camaraderie between Roseport and Heldrin during the last several years, and the feeling that being a small independent nation surrounded by a growing superpower was an unsustainable option and would eventually lead to a hostile takeover. The less violent option was preferred and the King Ingwood stepped down from his role as King of Roseport. Though, under the King od Heldrin's grace, he would the title if First Duke of Roseport and was allowed to continue his governance over the city.   Casarei would become a devoted friend and ally of Heldrin and its people, with the two nations working closely together from the on. Trading between the two nations thrives as does communication and tourism between the peoples of each country. The rulers of Casarei and Heldrin still meet annually to discuss national matters and have down so for hundreds of years now.   Aldelgis after the non-aggression agreement ended would close off its borders to all nations and begin to focus on accumulating military and defensive assets in the hopes that if war were to come again, they would be better prepared to face it. Trade between nations would become rare and only done upon necessity. The nation would go through generations of turmoil but would eventually discover Ether Crystals, a crystal with the ability to store magical energy, thus creating a boom in related technologies. They have become one of the most powerful military forces in the modern age due to this Ether technology. Though they refuse to collaborate with other nations and are still very guarded. Other nations fear their power and rarely communicate or combat the empire. Their only rivals being the growing nation of Heldrin to the south, who have viewed them as both potential allies and a potential threat throughout the years since the war. A number of small skirmishes have started between the two but luckily none have escalated to full-on war.   Heldrin would become the world's leading political power of the world, after amalgamating Roseport into its borders and gaining access to their large merchant network it solidified its status as a trade juggernaut. From here the country only grew, the capital city of Sumner swelling to over a million citizens, easily the largest city in the world. Emissaries are sent to potential trade partners across the world including Cassarei, Mijhail, Obsidian Harbour, and beyond. Heldrin has recently sent trade envoys to the cloistered nation of Shikyuo in the hopes of fostering a new trade partner.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
-8 ToR
Ending Date
-5 ToR

The combined forces of Roseport, Heldrin, Casarei, and Aldelgis defeat the Monstrous Horde of Dredarek. The final blow coming when Sir Alexander Tavron slays the Half-Giant Ogre Dredarek, driving his sword through the tyrant's chest.



Thousands of bloodthirsty monstrous humanoids and beast. With no morality, they will tear through anything and anyone that crosses their path.
At the height of the war, the armies of the Allied Forces of the Western Coast numbered many thousands.   They were comprised of experienced soldiers, knights, and military personnel.   Much more organized and tactically skilled than the opposing forces.


Thousands, almost the entire army would be destroyed by the end of the war.   The few survivors retreated to the mountains in the south of Heldrin.
Each nation lost thousands of people, including many citizens and non-combatants.   Roseport's army was almost completely eradicated by the end of the war. Each nation would require years to recoup there loses.


To destroy all living citizens of the western coast and take the scorched lands remaining for themselves.
To protect the citizens of the western coast and destroy the horde of murdering their people and destroying their lands.


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