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Wizard Wars

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For Commanders, Sheriff, Clan Leader or higher rank only. Connect to Server with Encryption code

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This file is the information our sources have obtained. We encourage any updates to be immediately as soon as possible. Intelligence on Wizard conflict is essential in even the most basic form. All rumors warrant investigation, so please be prudent with what you learn.   The fallen ship did not bring an invasion from one alien species. A theory developed called the Devil's Ark. This reference points to some obscure myth that ancient civilizations had collected a variety of species on a single naval vessel to preserve them from a worldwide catastrophic flood.   The Devil's Ark theory is that the destructive ship was a Prison freighter. The principal inhabitants of the vessel were criminals or deviants from another star system. Whether they caused the ship to come here or there was a travel mishap, it is unknown. All we can discern is that the mess we have here on the planet is not from a single race of alien beings.   Another active proposal is that this is a type of invasion and our planet is falling to the proverbial "pawns" thrown at us. Our world is so primitive that the misfits of the universe are terraforming it. Kill off the natives so the colonization efforts would commence.   A few Wizards are trying to establish order. They call themselves The Council of Wizards. They seem to have a strong influence, and those who are not pillaging our planet give these leaders some respect.   For the first year or two, these leaders carved out continents as loose dominions as they tore through our military defenses like butter. However, when the dust settled, it became evident the campaigns ran out of gas. We are fighting from rat holes, caves, rubble, and ancient fortifications. The forces of these creatures at first were too much, but a decade later, it seems maintaining order is a costly endeavor, and our opportunities are coming back.   Our scouts have learned that Wizards have no love for one another. The only thin strand of glue that keeps them aligned is survival. They will break out in conflict over resources (especially human slaves!), territory, power cultural slights.   The Big Wigs: Council Elders We believe there are about 10 to 12 of these fiends that most Wizards submit to for authority. They claim entire continents as their own, and they claim nothing is to happen without their consent.   The High Wizards are influential leaders who fight for supremacy within the territories of the Council. He who can manage the region gain prestige and privileges like a Prime Minister or Governor of sorts. When High Wizards go to war, it is big and messy. Lots of humans suffer on both sides of the conflict.   Wizards on the lower totem pole may operate like a crime boss or independent warlord. They seem to focus on accumulating influence on many fronts (slave commerce, raw military power, political favor of the Council Elders, or magical/technological research).   Hedge Wizards and Witches are outcasts of the Wizard creatures. They are dangerous because they are unpredictable and owe allegiance to no one. If Serial Killers of ancient lore had laser cannons at their disposal, we would still be more secure compared to a Witch or Hedger.   Praise the Lord of Light for Sorcerors. They are sympathetic to our plight and can hold off a raid from Wizards. We haven't found one to rival High or Council Wizard yet, but we are searching. And yes, so are Wizards. High Wizards seem to have a keen interest in Sorcerors. We suspect they want to defeat the threat they pose to their domination plans.


The Conflict


Common tactics involve raiding settlements for slaves and resources. Siege tactics involve considerable stamina in terms of military might. We have seen High Wizards battle in this way, but on rare occasion, a Wizard may be open to attack from another if weakened after a Siege. Patrols and Caravans are subject to attack by aspiring Wizards, but powerful Wizards may wage war on these fronts as well.


The only place where war has not been a big issue is our oceans. Otherwise, expect military conflict anywhere and in any climate.

The Engagement

The only rule is that there are no rules — survival of the fittest pure and simple. Deception and betrayal are tools that are not approved unless the winner can keep what He/She has won.


Before we knew what was happening, we lost many people. Weaker souls would play the hand that was dealt them and tried to live with the stronger Wizard Lord. Only to get swept away from an upcoming rival Wizard who sabotaged the headquarters with a single detonation drone.


It is one of the main missions of our survival to make ourselves aware of the wants, needs, and rivalries of these alien assholes. The faster we can tear apart this paper system of fiefdoms the better.

Historical Significance


The Council of Wizards are no slouches to governing. We suspect these brainiacs were either dictators or ruthless masterminds in their former life. They have lots of charisma, cunning and discipline to organize areas for their personal gain. If we do not make a stand, the planet could be completely lost in another decade.

Current Military Engagements:
Location: Fallen Arch of the Gateway

Update Known Conflicts here:
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  • Queen Stryia has recently overthrown the Amazonian leader and is dealing with a rebellious faction still loyal to the former leader. This is a considerable opportunity given that the seas are not a place Wizards like to venture.
  • Infernus the Wizard of the Molten wastes was defeated by a group called The Brother hood of Night led by someone called Zevon - The Werewolf. The Citadel is in ruin, but there may be some valuables yet to be obtained.
  • Lord Argoth - Wizard of a Thousand Eyes is in a weakened state from a taxing siege against Sabian more to come soon on this situation.


Many Arms

Led by


Led by


Octagon has one of the most formidable fortresses set up in the central Americas. Lots of technology was brought in and no one save Thundarr the Barbarian was able to get in and sabotage his defenses.
Skullos has assault vehicles and war machines that would make a Council Elder blush in envy. His military depends on these and a contingent of human infantry which he has put under his control through powerful Hypnosis


Countless enslaved humans of Skullos have died in attempt to overthrow his rival in the region. Estimates are in the thousands.
Humans suffered on both sides as a result of this conflict. We suspect thousands have been slain.


No one is quite sure the inciting cause for this war, but these Wizards hate each other.
No known objective other than complete obliteration of the other Wizard base.

Audio recovered from a fallen scout:

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Cover image: Battle Scene!! by Zet Lee


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