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Akinda Human/Ungol Conflict

By the time two candles had passed, Bowmark had learned about horrendous Megaloth justice. A magic pedestal on the Frontier had a peg for the Stone. When Stone and pedestal were matched, whoever touched the Stone could thereafter never travel more than a hundred kilms from the Stone. Criminals and their families were forcibly moved to the Frontier, subjected to the leash of the Stone, then sentenced to work the farms and fight the encroaching ungols. The Crimson Platoon patrolled the borders, but they could not be everywhere at once. Entire families and farms were routinely torched or torn to shreds by ungols riding bears, buffaluks, and leapers. The Capacity Stone, when removed from the pedestal, strengthened the women of the Crimson Platoon.

The Conflict


Ungols discovered South Akinda in ~ 2110. They are believed to have originated on a continent to the southwest. Once landed they spread quickly through the southwest of South Akinda's Great Lakes region. Humans were sparsely populated there and were quickly exploited by ungol seeking jewelry. Human refugees fled northeast, and soon The Megaloth Empire began a campaign to push the ungol off of their continent.


Ungol rarely strategize, so their forces are almost always guerrilla in nature. Their sole motive is to take as much decorative jewelry as possible because that is how they gain status in and among tribes. Humans have employed a variety of strategies for dealing with them. Everything from capitulation to attempted genocide.


Individual raids have been a constant threat on every border of The Megaloth Empire in South Akinda. Ungol try to use surprise tactics whenever possible, so battles take place anywhere at any time

The Engagement

Usually any physical conflict is precipitated by a demand for booty. Ungol will appear at a settlement riding their fiercest mounts and make their demands. If tribute is not paid immediately they will wreak havoc, but kill few. Their strategy is to instill enough fear to cause the humans to produce the tribute on their next visit.

Historical Significance


For ungol, the foray into South Akinda has broadened their species variety and access to new animals. For humans, the response caused The Megaloth Empire to become more totalitarian, creating two new institutions. First, the creation of fronteer slave farmers. Rather than the historical norm of criminal justice sentencing those found guilty to manual labor in mines or other industrial work, they are now sent to repopulate farmland that is continually raided by ungol. With such a huge area being contested, the imprisonment is enforced by the use of a 'magic' device known as The Capacity Stone
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An ongoing multi-generational conflict with no end in sight

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